Sometimes you want to add a little magic to your life, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Or you just want a little something to treat yourself. So this week, I’m bringing you a roundup of everything in the shop that’s $11 or less. Treat yourself to one, two or all of them!


Custom Healing Crystal

If you’re looking for a healing crystal but aren’t sure which one or would rather trust an expert to pick one for you, my Custom Healing Crystal is for you. As a certified crystal healer, I can intuitively select the right crystal for you. Before I send it on to you, I’ll cleanse and charge the crystal so it will be ready for you to use.

For just $5, I’ll select and send you a 1-2” raw or tumbled crystal from a local small business. Tell me what you want to heal or let me choose the crystal for you.


Custom Healing Crystal

Psychic Awakening Tea

Want to connect to your intuition or psychic abilities? Want to have lucid dreams or access and explore higher consciousness? My Psychic Awakening Tea is perfect for helping you ease into a state that leaves you more open to all of these! This sample size is just $5 and provides 2-4 brewing portions of this incredible tea.


Psychic Awakening Tea Sample

Herbal Bath Salt Teas

Who doesn’t love a soothing, relaxing bath? These Herbal Bath Salt Teas are filled with sacred salts and herbs in a luscious blend for relaxation and self love. For $5, you’ll get enough bath tea for 1-2 baths that will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. With Epsom salt, lavender, chamomile and rose petals, this blend will ease sore muscles and a busy mind.


Herbal Bath Salt Teas – Sample

Tarot 101 Microcourse

Curious about Tarot but not ready to invest a lot of money in learning? Then check out my Tarot 101 Microcourse! It’s your crash course in everything Tarot, perfect for the polyglot who loves to learn. You’ll learn all the basics you need to know to determine if Tarot is right for you without a major financial investment. For $7, you’ll learn what Tarot is, the history of Tarot, the interpretations and meanings of the cards, and more.

Tarot 101 Microcourse

Sex Magic Workshop

Looking for something extra-special to blow your mind? The Sex Magic Workshop is on sale right now for just $11! Learn how to use sex magic to manifest some amazing things in your life. This prerecorded workshop will teach you everything you need to know about sex magic. Don’t miss out – grab it before the price goes back up!

Workshop – Sex Magic

Spirit Whispers

Spirit Whispers are channeled messages from one or more spirit guides and/or any animals that want to make themselves known to you. We each have a unique team of protectors, magic makers, and wise sages in our energetic fields who helps us out on the daily whether we’re aware of them or not. In these spirit whispers, I will provide key messages your spirit guide or team want you to know. You can ask a certain question or have a general reading for what your highest self thinks you need the most right now.

Spirit Whispers

Etheric Cord Cutting Workshop

This pre-recorded workshop will teach you how to effectively cut etheric cords and claim all of your sovereign energy while getting rid of what energy isn’t yours.

With this Etheric Cord Cutting Workshop, you’ll learn:

✨ Where energetic cords and hooks can come from

✨ How to scan your energetic system for any cords and hooks

✨ How to cut these cords and hooks in meditation, by yourself and with spiritual assistance

✨ Meditation techniques for removing cords and hooks

✨ Plants + Crystals to assist with cord cutting

✨ Creating an energetic barrier to cut cords

✨ Sending cords + hooks back with love

Etheric Cord Cutting Workshop

Abundance Spell Bundle

Do you know how it feels to be completely and wholly abundant with every fiber of your being? I can take you there. I co-created this beautiful digital abundance spell bundle. This digital product is a gorgeous .pdf with ten spells for abundance and tons of bonuses. Each spell is easy to follow and specific and with each spell, I ensure that the materials necessary are minimal and teach the magic of intent and energy. This is so that my guidance is practical, simple, and accessible for everyone. I also present a corresponding crystal, color, essential oil, etc. for each bundle topic.

What you will receive:

Back to Basics Abundance Understanding

Understanding of Why Abundance Matters

10 Spells to Call Abundance into Your Life

Glossary of Terms I Use Throughout the Guide

How to Contact Me and Follow My Work

BONUS: 16 Journaling Prompts for Abundance

BONUS: Abundance Meditation to Deepen Your Understanding of Abundance

Head on over to the shop to get some magic on a budget!

Abundance Spell Bundle

PS: I have three spots available to work 1:1 with me in May! Click here to learn more about this 4-week container.

Work With Me May 2019