The end of the year is reflection time for me. Every winter I tend to have difficulties with my mental health and what propels me forward is looking at my future year. Several months ago, I quit my job in corporate America to become an entrepreneur. I built a brand around myself and have been excited to do the work I’m doing.

For 2018, my goal is to be laser focused. That meant creating a content and promotional calendar for the year so I know exactly when to be working on specific projects. The reason I quit corporate America to be my own boss is that I can’t work a typical 40 hours day in and day out. I know that I need time to rest and recuperate and some months are emotionally harder than others.

Tarot and Magic are huge pieces of my personal life and my business, so I decided I would do a 2018 Year in Review for my business and personal life (because let’s face it when you’re a soul based entrepreneur, your work isn’t your job, it’s YOU). I found this spread on The Wild Unknown‘s website. You can grab their deck here

I spent about two hours in ritual mode working on my spread, got an idea for what each month would be like, and assigned each month (and card) as “light workload,” “medium workload,” and “full workload.” I knew there would be some months where I struggle more, and I want to honor the healing and processing that goes along with that. Those are light workload months. There are other months where it seems like my creativity and energy will be in full swing and those are heavy workload months.

After I pulled the cards, I journaled about each one as a freewriting exercise using my intuition and reading the cards. From each month, I created a brief overview to help me organize my ideas and make it easier to plan it out. 

Year in Review:

January 2018 – Hierophant: Switch up tech and step into my soulful shoes. Working mode is high, take this time to get income generating projects done.

January 2018 Monthly Report

January 2018: The Hierophant Check-In


February 2018 – Chariot Reversed: Ebb and Flow. I’ll need downtime to heal and process and work through personal stuff. Minimal workload.

March 2018 – Knight of Swords: Persevere. I can do this. Coming out of the slump. Spring hits. Maiden energy. Moonwork.

April 2018 – Page of Wands. Personal life might be difficult, but business will be amazing. I’m on the lookout to collaborate and hire a VA!

May 2018 – Page of Pentacles: Things are great! Apply for a scholarship and work on personal and spiritual development.

June 2018 – 9 of Swords Reversed: I am releasing something and will need time to heal – slow the pace and be aware of my workload.

July 2018 – Wheel of Fortune Reversed: Business is slow. I’m healing but also creating and working on a launch and lead capture.

August 2018 – 3 of Swords Reversed: Business will be great because of the launch, giving myself time to heal behind the scenes.

September 2018 – 10 of Cups Reversed: I will be sad, but able to handle a medium workload. Do a launch.

October 2018 – 3 of Pentacles Reversed: Business is booming! The project from the launch last month is bringing in the cash.

November 2018 – Knight of Swords Reversed: Lay low. Crone energy. Metamorphosis.

December 2018 – 2 of Wands: Rest, Relax, Meditate, Plan for an amazing 2019.

2018 Overall – Two of Swords: Balance, Remember the Ebb and Flow, Spend time with Family, Honor the season I’m in.

I went through and listed what the projects I wanted to work on throughout each month. I did the first 5 months because I want to be laser focused, but I also want to allow for divine intervention of my work. I broke down each month by week and listed the one project I wanted to do (for example, a page on my website or creating something for a launch the following week). I broke down each monthly project to determine what I would work on weekly.

From my weekly business content schedule, I created my blog post schedule so that the content there would coordinate with my business. I didn’t want to overdo myself, so I figured that in the low energy months I want to do 2 blog posts a week, so that’s my goal for each week and anything extra is a bonus.

I now have a plan for 2018 that I feel AMAZING about, and I couldn’t have done it without my tarot cards! I have the downtime I need, and the ability to honor my seasons. I’m so excited about all the content I have to offer you in the next few months, and I can’t wait for you to join me on this adventure!

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