Greetings! My name is Victoria and I teach magic from the intersection of  Science + Mysticism.

The space I hold for you will help alchemize the life of your dreams.

I am so grateful, honored, and humbled to have helped hundreds of people live up to their magical potential whether they own their own biz, are a stay at home spouse/parent, student, or work a 9-5.

I came into this world with many intuitive gifts I have spent the last ten years rediscovering. As a child and preteen who saw visions in a household that didn’t know how to foster magic, I turned to self-injury, drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders. 

At 16 years old, I was on the streets and prostituting for crack. I spent a year in a state hospital and got sober. Since then, I’ve been deeply invested in rediscovering my magical self.

When I returned to magic, no one was talking about the magic at the intersection of science + mental health.

I went through many years if feeling alone, confused, and ashamed for not being able to “pray away” depression or anxiety.

In the past 15 years, I’ve read countless books on magic, mysticism, and different modalities, techniques, theories, and methods. Before building my business, I was a licensed and burnt out drug + alcohol counselor. I have several years of experience as a previously licensed therapist and a strong psychology background. 

I use sound and crystals in my local community, using my background as a classical musician and weaving those skills with energy for consciousness and healing.

I love creating and teaching. I believe in being the change I want to see in the world.

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Budding Psychic Support

Budding Psychic Support

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Embrace Your Inner Witch

Embrace Your Inner Witch

  What If: You weren’t afraid of magic? You could own AND use your magic? You had results from YOUR magic? You felt secure about “being a witch?” Journaling Prompts for Inner Witch Shadow Work These witchy journaling prompts and shadow work questions will help you...

EYIW Pre Launch Pricing

EYIW Pre Launch Pricing

Embrace Your Inner Witch Pre-Launch Promo pricing is available! Early bird pricing is available NOW through JULY 1 2019! 6 weekly modules on the following topics: ⭐ Energetic Body (Aura + Chakras) You will feel secure in your knowledge of how energy works and...