What do you think of when you hear “abundance?” Most people tend to think of money or material things – a big house, a new car, expensive and nice clothing, or plenty of food. But abundance is so much more than that!

Abundance is plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.

Abundance can be material things like houses, cars, clothing or money. But it can also be love, happiness, freedom, and other intangible things. Abundance comes from the knowledge that whatever it is you want, it already exists. It already exists and it’s yours.

All you need to do to receive it is set an intention. Sometimes this is easy. We know we want it, we’re clear on the intention, and the desire is strong enough to make it happen.

Sometimes we need something more. An extra boost to solidify that intention. Something physical to make the intention more real.

That’s where the Abundance Spell Bundle comes in. This digital bundle comes with 10 abundance spells plus some bonus materials to help you dig deep into what you want and how to get past any blocks that might be holding you back.

These spells are each unique and different, giving you multiple ways of manifesting abundance. This can be especially useful for those who are new to magic, because you can try each spell to see how you’re most comfortable. And it’s great for those who like to shake things up and try something new and different.

The spells included in the Abundance Bundle are:
Candle Spell
Herb Burn Spell
Tarot Spell
Crystal Spell
Chakra Activation Spell
Release Spell
Attraction Spell
Good Luck Charm
Money Magnet (Charm)
Elemental Spell
BONUS: Abundance Journaling Prompts

Each spell provides a list of the needed tools and clear instructions on how to perform the spell. The bundle also gives you guidance on the best crystals and essential oils for creating abundance.

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Abundance Spell Bundle