I am so ridiculously ecstatic to be posting this today! My digital Abundance Spell Bundle is launching!

Do you know how it feels to be completely and wholly abundant with every fiber of your being?

I can take you there.

I co-created this beautiful digital item called Spells for Abundance. This will be the first of my Spell Bundles. Each Spell Bundle, including Spells for Abundance releasing this week, will be a gorgeous .pdf with a minimum of 10 spells on the category.

Each spell will be easy to follow and specific and with each spell, I ensure that the materials necessary are minimal and teach the magic of intent and energy. This is so that my guidance is practical, simple, and accessible for everyone. I will also present a corresponding crystal, color, essential oil, etc. for each subject in each bundle.

This digital guide is also a container for bonus materials I co-created with the intention for you to fully understand and attract abundance. I’ve included 16 journaling prompts on Abundance to aide you in digging deeper. With these journaling prompts, you’ll be able to see all your abundance blocks (I help you label them) and manifest your way into attracting and owning abundance. I’ve also included my Back to Basics Abundance Meditation to deepen your understanding of exactly what abundance is.

I also happen to think it’s freaking gorgeous.

If this sounds like something you’d love to learn more about, CLICK HERE.