This week is all about abundance, and I have some super exciting news. On Friday, January 12, 2017, I’ll be releasing a digital item called Spells for Abundance. This will be the first of my Spell Bundles! Each Spell Bundle, including Spells for Abundance releasing this week, will be a gorgeous .pdf with a minimum of 10 spells on the category. Each spell will be easy to follow and specific, but with each spell, I’ll also offer lower-cost and more common alternatives. I will also present a corresponding crystal, color, essential oil, etc. for each subject in each bundle!

UPDATE: My digital Abundance Spell Bundle + Guide is LIVE! Check it out here.

This week, I’m writing all the content for these abundance spells and I’ve been Manifesting my Booty off for full-blown abundance.

(Want to know how I manifest? I wrote an awesome post on how I manifested appearing on more podcasts HERE)


How I Manifested Being on More Podcasts


While I’m working on this project, I want to go BACK TO THE BASICS of Abundance.

I recorded a short meditation on the Basics of Abundance you can listen to below, but I also wanted to share the main point of this meditation:

“When you take a breath in, you don’t have these thoughts of, “what if I don’t get enough oxygen?” “What if the air that I’m breathing doesn’t connect to my brain and give it the oxygen that it needs to keep me alive?” “What if my next breath doesn’t come and I die?” We don’t have those kinds of thoughts because, with something so simple as breathing, we do it constantly.

We’re doing it every single second of every single day. It’s automatic. It’s already happening. With the breath, we know, without a doubt, that we’re gonna be able to pull another breath, we’re gonna be able to take in oxygen, right? And breathe out carbon dioxide and it’s the process of this universal thing that we as humans do. We breathe. It is a part of our being. It doesn’t matter, and also with breath specifically, it doesn’t have anything to do with worth. It doesn’t. Breath doesn’t decide whether you’re worthy of it or not. You are human, you are being, you deserve breath.

It’s the exact same thing with abundance. The idea of abundance is that it’s already there. There’s no question about it, there’s no doubt about it. You know that it is yours. You know that you already have it. You know that over analyzing it, it serves no purpose. It serves no purpose. Abundance is knowing that it’s going, not even knowing that it’s going to come because it’s already there. It is there. We don’t think about, is my breath gonna be there in five seconds, it’s already there, it’s there. We are designed as humans to breathe for the entirety of our lives. It’s already there. It’s ours.”

You can listen to the meditation below:

You can see the whole transcript HERE.

What Is Abundance?