While I’m definitely NOT a business coach, I do think it’s good business to be an affiliate for the business tools you use. Acuity is a masterful scheduling agent. It allows you complete customization of your scheduling URL, provides cut and paste HTML for scheduling widgets, customization emails, and more. It’s ridiculously customizable. It’s perfect for spiritual entrepreneurs in the online community.
I tried Calendly and a couple other scheduling clients, but Acuity definitely has taken the win for me. I’m going to get my Acuity Certification soon, but I’ve already helped a few people get theirs set up! Use my affiliate link to check out Acuity for yourself, and if you have ANY questions, feel free to PM me!! I’ve created, and continue to create, on-the-fly instructional videos via loom for most people who sign up with my affiliate account. 😃
Affiliate Statement: I do receive compensation for using my links for affiliate accounts, but I am only an affiliate for brands I trust and personally use.