Happy Solstice! Tomorrow the Full Moon goes into Cancer. The shift from fall to winter in the northern hemisphere reminds us to shift internally from wild woman energy to the energy of the crone.

Like the bear hibernates, Spirit invites us to turn inward and slow down this season. Crone energy represents the Wise Woman within us all and calls us to simplify our lives.

Crone invites you to cut dead weight and release what no longer serves you as you prepare your energetic system for spring growth. Winter is the time to lay the foundation for that growth.

Moving into 2019, what do you want? What seeds are you preparing to plant? What energetic misalignments are you releasing to make more room for growth?

2018 was a year of coming to terms with unwanted pieces of our personality. What traits do you want to alchemize in your life?

The full moon comes into cancer tomorrow, the day after Solstice. Cancer is a water sign and sensitive energy. Cancer invites us to inspect our insecurities and then wash them away with the water and wisdom of the Crone.

We are going through many energetic shifts this season between personal energy shifts, season changing, and years turning. We are experiencing the growing pains with the growth of the collective consciousness and the power of more people waking up.

2019 is the year of action. 2018 was spend building and manifesting. In 2019, we will see many of these creations sprouting up. New and exciting things are coming in 2019! We will begin to reap the physical rewards of our emotional and spiritual labor in 2018. Reap the rewards, but do not quit!

Things will get good in 2019 but continue to persevere during this upcoming year because 2020 is when we will begin experiencing disclosure and more people will be self-employed with sustainable and successful businesses as our current paradigm shifts.

How to Alchemize the Magic of this Time:

This weekend and upcoming week: RELEASE and make room. You can use release rituals, dumping visualizations, saging yourself, journal it out, do whatever you need to transmute and release the energy that no longer serves you. One of my favorite dumping visualizations is imaging a cord through my energetic system, down through my root, and into the Earth. I imagine myself pushing all the energy I no longer want into this cord and let it sink and release into the Earth to be transmuted into something else by Gaia.

Take time for self-care, and honor yourself. Everyone could use more rest right now, so honor yourself without guilt.

Useful tools for Releasing and Solstice Intention Setting:

Bay leaves: write something to release or an intention on the leaf and burn it
Burn sage and cleanse yourself and your energetic system AND household
Clary Sage essential oils will assist with releasing, as well as Vetiver, Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Myrrh.
Journal on what no longer serves you
Journal on what you want to bring into the world in 2019
Meditate on the Water Crone