Have you heard of Buddhist 12 Step Study Groups?

I looked up local Buddhist temples today and found this program online: Buddhist 12 Step Group! As someone who has worked the 12 steps and incorporates meditation and some Buddhist principles in my spirituality, this program is AMAZING.

I haven’t been around any 12 step groups in three years or so, but if it isn’t new, I had no idea this mesh existed.

Here’s a snippet from the local Buddhist Temple Website regarding their 12 step group:

The Buddhist 12 Step Study Group (B12) explores how Buddhism and 12 Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous ( NA, etc), can benefit and nurture each other. Both practices begin with the acknowledgment of suffering, the realization that suffering arises from craving, and that there is a solution.

The path of the 12 Steps and the Noble Eightfold Path travel through remarkably similar territory and have much to offer each other.

Following a brief welcoming discussion and introduction period, there is a 20 minute guided meditation followed by a 30-minute discussion centered around a step. Kevin Griffin’s One Breath At A Time or other Buddhist 12 Step recovery books are used as a text. We close with a lovingkindness practice.

No meditation experience or particular faith or spiritual practice is required. Neither is membership in a twelve step program. We are simply people exploring the path out of the suffering brought about by craving and clinging in whatever form it arises.


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