By Caitlin Hefner


Channeled for all the beautiful Daughters of The Universe.

I see your light.
We need your light.
You are so loved

Daughter of the Cosmos.
Created with the Stars in mind.
The ability to
Travel far galaxies for you
To link you back to your kind.

Daughter of the Elements
Modern Witch with Age Old Potions
The ability to
Infuse both nature and truth
To heal your wounds and emotions.

Daughter of Energy
Her hands the Healers of your Energetics
She needs not see,
Your physicality
Your energy speaks and she lets it.

Daughter of the Shaman
Priestess of Ritual and Sacred Tradition
Key holder to your existence
Passage to your ancestral roots
Journey back to your knowing with assistance.

Daughter of the Medium
Journeyer for those who have passed on.
She’s the healer of grief
A channel for beloved memories
The bridge for those who have long gone

Daughter of the Channel
The speaker of Divine Wisdom.
Poet of Spirit
The Collective needs to hear it
A healer of Knowing, Symbolics, and Visions.

Daughter of Tarot
Your energy expressed in Suits
She reads to you
What is past, present, and true
Your opportunities in futures pursuit.

Photo by: Morgan McDonald of Unsplash

About Caitlin Hefner

Caitlin Hefner is a Psychic + Intuitive Coach for Multi-Passionates, Intuitives, and Healers. Her work is focused on helping others deeply connect to and heal themselves so that they can both align to and pursue their Soul’s callings. She loves the ocean, to write + journal, and loves anything the color teal.

She can be found online at