I feel the timelines collapsing.<

Our parks and nature centers are becoming a type of portal for those awakening because of the forest people and higher vibrations surrounding physical earth realities. Here’s what happened:


I arrived and a butterfly greeted me. I felt the presence of the elementals instantly. I needed to use the bathroom because I forgot to at work before my lunch break. On my way to the bathroom, I was contemplating high vibe frequency and attracting more money in my current reality.
As soon as I flushed, the toilet, everything clicked into place instantaneously.
Money is attached to our root energy center which grounds us – into Gaia, into our humanness, our divinity, and our reality we are currently co-creating.
Money literally represents the human side of the “high vibe” coin, and this coin represents the state of higher consciousness or greater frequency. The “coin of consciousness” is two-sided. Our divinity (astral travel, meditation, intuition, etc.) is what represents the soul/spirit side of this coin. The human side of consciousness manifests itself physically in our reality as money. A tangible version of energy: AKA services rendered, what used to be the trade and barter system, etc.
We put money on a big pedestal and have all these human stories about money.
But if Spirit is infinite, abundant, and never ending a constant state of flux, why wouldn’t money work the same way?
As I consciously processed this information, it felt like it was hitting me at warp speed or a quantum leap. I walked out of the bathroom and felt very dissociated within the forest again. I suddenly had a feeling of confusion, like a rubber band being pulled back hard and released.
I literally walked into a new reality as the two separate planes became one. I experienced these two timelines collapsing. A quantum shift. I was on my freaking lunch break during my 8-5!
We are EVOLVING. We are becoming less akin to bouncing to/from 3D and 5D and more like existing in both spaces at the same time. As consciousness and vibrations rise, gifts expand.
These moments are happening daily. Quantum shifts, timelines collapsing, become more solidified as our higher selves guide the way. Gaia’s energy is shifting, and so is ours.
If this isn’t living both humanness and divinity, I don’t know what is.