✂️ Cutting Etheric Cords Workshop ✂️

What you’ll learn:

✨ Where energetic cords and hooks can come from

✨ How to scan your energetic system for any cords and hooks

✨ How to cut these cords and hooks in meditation, by yourself and with spiritual assistance

✨ Meditation techniques for removing cords and hooks

✨ Plants + Crystals to assist with cord cutting

✨ Creating an energetic barrier to cut cords

✨ Sending cords + hooks back with love

What you’ll get when you sign up for $7:

🔥 Zoom Invite Link via browser

🔥 Google Calender Event email w/ Zoom Info

🔥 Access to LIVE Q&A (email by proxy avail if you can’t make the workshop date/time)

🔥 Copy of Workshop Recording (within 48 hrs of workshop)

🔥 Copy of Workshop Presentation Slides (within 48 hrs of workshop)

Ready to learn these tools for your own personal practice?

Sign up here: https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/6uq8izdanlx9

Workshop is scheduled for April 17 2019 Wednesday at 11am EST.

NOTE: If you’re a 1:1 client, please don’t purchase this. Reach out to me for your coupon code if you don’t have one yet – you get this workshop for free