I’m a huge advocate for healers needing healing. We don’t ever have it all figured out, so it’s helpful to get an unbiased opinion and someone else to read into situations or feelings. I had an absolutely AMAZING past life regression with Courtney Lianne, and I wanted to share all about it!

I got a past life regression from Courtney Lianne last month and it allowed me to make some huge shifts in my life and healing that I wasn’t able to after years of talk therapy. Because I do past life readings, I’m picky about who is all up in my energy. Courtney held an impenetrable and loving space for me to experience transformation and sort through the truth behind some of my childhood.

I love regressions because it’s a form of meditation and almost hypnosis. Courtney’s sessions are much more in-depth than mine because there is a pre-consultation, the regression, and a follow-up session after. The support and space that Courtney held for me was beyond what I expected and allowed me to explore parts of myself I never had before.

About Courtney:

I was born under the philosopher’s moon. It is such a huge part of me to learn everything that I can to break through the things that held me back in my past lives. I am the queen of multi-tasking and often have 500 things going on at once, which is where I thrive: in the midst of chaos.

On my path thus far as a philosopher, I have my masters degree in creative arts therapy and my bachelor’s degree in art education. I am an integrative nutrition health coach and I am a certified past life regression therapist. I am also a Reiki practitioner, tarot & oracle card reader, intuitive healer, musician, dance meditation teacher, and essential oil educator.

I use all of these skills to individualize healing holistically for the person’s needs that I am working with. There is no “one size fits all” in healing.

I have been a surfer for half of my life which has taught me to have a deep respect of Mother Ocean and also that we can not always be in control of our situations. What the Mother gives to us is what we need to learn how to work within this life. In cycles, we move, learn, and break through old patterns when we have the insight to face them and push forward with the force of a great wave.

As a health coach and essential oil educator, I focus my practice also on using plant medicine and plant-based healing. There is a clarity that comes to you when you work with powerful plant allies and a deep connection you receive to the Earth, Ocean, and to yourself.

I teach about the power of emotional and spiritual healing with the use of essential oils and ancient plant medicine. This is magical but is also heavily based in science. Scents trigger memories in the olfactory part of your brain. Our bodies are so aware of exactly what they need to thrive and survive and will tell us in showing us what we are attracted to. Past life memories that are stored in our subconscious can also be triggered by these scents and show us what our ancestors used to heal themselves before the invent of modern medicine.

As a plant-based health coach, I teach about the power of using the bounty the Earth and ocean have given to us. I focus on bringing magic into the kitchen and the importance of creating meals with intent or choosing meals when we dine out that will nurture us by paying deep gratitude to the food. I use herbs and spices that help to enhance food and show individuals that healing comes from tasting, experiencing, and enjoying our food while also choosing food that reacts well in our body.

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