My Crystal Grid Layout

Inner objects from left to right: Citrine Cluster, Tiger’s Eye Sphere, Buddha, Frog.

Outer crystals: Clear, straight points: Quartz. Orange and Odd Sized Points: Citrine

This crystal grid is all about abundance, prosperity, good fortune, and wealth. The frog is a Chinese symbol for wealth.

Why I Created This Grid

I created this crystal grid and meditated over it in order to help my soulmate clients. Each citrine point is an individual somewhere in this world that I’m meant to be connected with. I wish them abundance, happiness, wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

There are eight citrine points, and eight individuals that are supposed to be a part of my life. I am here on this planet to connect with these people. We will grow together. Each of these citrine points represent a client, but it’s so much more than that.

My clients are people. They are complex human beings with mental illness, trauma, and they’re busy running their own business, or are starting that path. I wish them success and growth. I pray they have the intuition to find me and that we will be connected for a higher purpose.

The Citrine Points

These citrine points are for the women who know what they’re capable of, but also struggle with mental illness and trauma. My purpose on this Earth is to teach other people how to cope and heal from mental illness and trauma using magic, just like this.

As these citrine points represent an amazing human, for each person that finds their way to me as a client, I will pick a citrine point that I feel resonates with them the most and create a one of a kind, hand-crafted necklace out of it. That is my gift to these beautiful human beings, for starting their journey with me.

These citrine points, these necklaces, will continue this crystal grid and continue to pour positive energy into the world. There will be happiness, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. This will be a living crystal grid, and I welcome those who feel drawn to me.

This is a calling. Look in your heart. Do you feel called to heal through mental illness and trauma using crystals, tarot, candles, meditation, mindset work, and journaling? Check out for upcoming programs, such as the Magic and Mindset Reset.