Crystals 101: Crystal Myths

There are a lot of myths floating around out there about crystals, and I’d like to address some of the most common ones.

Myth #1: It’s all in your head

Many people believe that the power of crystals is all in the head of those who use them. They think it’s just imagination or placebo effect. But working with crystals is actually designed to get you out of your head. They allow you to be in sensation in your body.

Crystals are an opportunity to experience without thinking. There’s nothing to rationalize or explain. You just feel the sensations, feel the change in your body. If you do that, you’ll quickly realize it’s not in your head at all.

Myth #2: Crystals can harm as much as they heal

Aspirin, in the right dose, can get rid of a headache. Too much aspirin can hurt your liver or other organs. Antibiotics can clear up infections, but taken too often, and bacteria become resistant. But crystals aren’t anything like medication. Crystals work with the power of your intention.

Crystals vibrate with energy and this energy can entrain to your own. If you expect crystals to harm you, this may end up being what you experience. Your beliefs play a role in what happens, whether you’re using crystals or taking medication or going on vacation. If you expect negativity, you’ll get it. If you expect positivity and good results, that’s what you’ll get.

Myth #3: Only spiritual or New Age people use crystals

Crystals are energy. Their energy shifts vibrations and creates significant change for those who are open to their power and willing to change. This means you don’t need to be New Age, spiritual or religious to use them. They also aren’t against any religion.

There are plenty of people who aren’t New Age, spiritual, or religious who use crystals. If you have an open mind and a true desire for change that serves your greatest and highest good, that’s all you need.

Myth #4: My crystals don’t need to be cleansed

Most crystals absorb energy, and because of this, they do need to be cleansed. Without regular cleansing, you’ll begin to work with the energy they’ve absorbed rather than the natural energy of the crystals themselves. And since the energy they absorb is often unwanted or even negative energy, you really don’t want to be working with that.

There are a number of ways you can cleanse your crystals, some of which even include other crystals. Selenite, for example, doesn’t absorb or store energy, so it never needs to be cleansed and can be used to cleanse other crystals. You can also cleanse crystals by placing them in a large Quartz geode for several hours.

It is important, however, to research your crystals carefully to ensure you cleanse them properly. Some can’t be exposed to water, for example.

Myth #5: Expensive crystals are more powerful than inexpensive ones

One of the most powerful crystals is Quartz. It’s also one of the most common and inexpensive crystals.

The price of a crystal is based on how common or rare it is, the size and shape of the crystal, and a few other factors. None of those factors, however, have to do with its power. The amount of money you spend on a crystal has no impact on how effective it is. The only thing that matters is how the crystal affects your energy. If an incredibly inexpensive crystal works with your energy and is calling to you, then that’s the one for you.

There are lots of other myths about crystals. It’s important to do your research. If you’re ever unsure of something regarding crystals, you can ask a certified crystal healer like me or the owner of your local crystal shop.


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