For those who are new to the healing powers of crystals, I thought we’d do a little Crystals 101 series. We’re starting today with how to use them.

Knowing that crystals can help heal a number of things, and knowing how to use them for healing, tend to be two different things. You might know that you want to heal something specific, and you might even know which crystal or crystals will do that for you – but do you know how best to use those crystals to accomplish the healing?

The great thing about crystals is that there are many ways you can use them. The method you choose will depend on a few factors. You might want to ask yourself some questions like:

  •         Am I using this solely for myself? Or am I using it for myself and others?
  •         Why am I using this crystal? What am I trying to heal or accomplish with it?
  •         Does what I want to accomplish require ongoing contact with the crystal? Does it require physical contact with the crystal or merely being in its presence?
  •         Is there more than one crystal that I will be using?

You might not be able to determine easily on your own how best to use your crystal, and that’s okay.

Here are a few options for working with crystals for healing.


You can hold your crystal as you meditate on whatever it is you’re trying to heal. For example, you might meditate with a Rose Quartz crystal held against your heart chakra if you’re trying to heal a broken heart or improve a love relationship.

You might repeat a mantra during this meditation or you may simply hold the crystal and allow the meditation to follow its own course.

Meditation is best for when you’re using the crystal for yourself.

Place crystals around the home

Crystals can be beneficial even when you’re not holding or wearing them. Placing them in specific locations around the home can help with improving harmony in relationships, providing protection, increasing prosperity, and more.

For example, Turquoise placed your bedroom can promote harmony in your romantic relationship. Black Tourmaline sprinkled around the perimeter of your property can protect against negative energy. Citrine, charged and placed in the back left corner of a room or your entire house, can increase prosperity (the back left corner of each room and the house as a whole is the prosperity corner). And don’t forget that prosperity is not just about money or material things – it’s about abundance, and that can be an abundance of love, compassion, or anything else you want.

Placing crystals around the home can be used for just you, or for your family or the home in general.

Create a crystal grid

Crystal grids or layouts can be used to protect you, a particular space in your home, or your entire home. By programming the crystals before creating the grid, you can use grids to alleviate anxiety and stress, improve memory and focus, heal your heart, and many other things.

Crystal grids are good for when you want to protect not just yourself, but your family or your home.

Create an elixir

Some crystals can be used to create an elixir by submerging the cleansed crystals in water and leaving it in sun or moonlight for several hours. You can then bottle this water and use it to drink when you need the power of the crystal, or use it for other purposes related to crystal healing.

However, it is critical if you want to make elixirs, that you study the crystals you want to use carefully first. There are a number of crystals that are toxic and harmful if used in elixirs so you must know that the ones you are using are safe for this purpose. If you’re ever unsure, just don’t do it.

Wear the crystals

Wearing crystals can be a great way to feel their energy all the time and benefit from them. It can be useful for situations where you need “portable magic,” such as wearing Turquoise or Yellow Jasper for protection during travel or Cerussite to alleviate jet lag and adjust to different cultures. Or you might want to wear a Rose Quartz pendant on a date that you want to go well.

You can wear crystals as jewelry of course. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are all easy and convenient ways to wear your crystals. Ideally, they work even better if you can wear a piece of jewelry that brings that crystal in close proximity to the chakra it’s related to.

But you can also wear crystals by simply putting them in your bra or pocket.

Lay them around your body

This can be done in a couple of ways. One is to lay them around your body in alignment with your chakras for a period of time (10-30 minutes is usually good). Or you can use them like a reflexology tool to stimulate points on your feet that are associated with other parts of the body.

Another option is to lay them out near you as protection. For example, Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz can be placed between you and your computer or cell phone,  or underground or aboveground nearby power lines to help alleviate electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress.

These are just a few of the ways you can work with crystals. Just as important as how you work with crystals is which ones you choose to work with.

If you don’t have any crystals yet and are uncertain what to choose, I offer my Custom Healing Crystal service. You’ll get a 1-2″ raw or tumbled crystals that I’ve intuitively selected for you.