Come hang out with me in this group where I’m building a safe community and talking about quantum mechanics, spirituality, and fart jokes.  


This group is for women-identifying and non-binary people who identify as witches, lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, psychics, and the conscious.


What we do in this group:

– connect with each other

– ask questions

– talk about balance of grounded facts and woo witchery

– tips and tricks for working with energy

– create inclusive sisterhood

– dance parties and fart/penis jokes

– make friends

– discuss gifts and experiences

– promote yourself

– drop epic .gifs

– talk about quantum mechanics, theory, and the multiverse


What we don’t do in this group:

– be a douchenozzle

– argue

– gaslight or spiritual bypassing

– spamming

– antagonizing


I can’t wait to see you there! JOIN HERE!