I have been a member of Je Tuan’s Divine Sparks Academy for several months and the classes and content available have been LIFE CHANGING. Not only does she talk about divinity, but she does so from a very unique lens. She is sex-positive, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and the containers she has created are sacred catalysts for change. I’m in her Priestess in Residency program and I’ve learned SO MUCH about sexuality/gender within the Divine.

I’m particularly excited for this month’s special guest teacher for Divine Spark Academy, Contessa Cooper! Contessa is another Priestess I love learning from. Contessa Louise Cooper is a bestselling author, advocate, entrepreneur, and healer. She provides safe and brave spaces for individuals can be their authentic selves so they can begin a holistic and spiritual healing process. Contessa is no fluff and will dive deep into your physical, mental, and spiritual health to facilitate your wellness journey. She sees clients internationally through distance and virtual appointments.

Website: www.ContessaLouise.com
Facebook Messenger: m.me/ContessaLouise m.me/GoReiki
Instagram: instagram.com/ContessaLouise instagram.com/GoReiki
Podcast/Interview requests: Please email info@contessalouise.com or use the messenger contact above.
Contessa’s Yoga Club

This month Contessa is teaching aboutSexual Energy & Magick. She has been in the Divine Sparks Exclisuve Facebook group answering questions (including some of mine), and her class is on January 16.

If you’re not a part of the Divine Spark Academy, this is something you DON’T WANT TO MISS.

In addition to a guest teacher every month (including myself on Plant Wisdom in April), as soon as you join the Divine Spark Academy you get immediate access to the following classes and courses from Je Tuan + all replays of healings and coaching calls and guest teachers:

Oh, and by the way, Je Tuan’s Divine Spark Academy is still only $50 to sign up right now!! I receive a ridiculous amount of value for a small monthly fee and it is 100% worth it!

Learn more about Je Tuan Jones:

I’m Je Tuan Jones, High Priestess and Spiritual Advisor.

One day I decided I wanted more from my life and I didn’t care what it took to get it. I wanted my own happiness more than I wanted anything else and that was the day my life changed forever.

Today, I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Master Reiki Healer, Clairvoyant, NLP Life Coach, and Metaphysics Doctoral Candidate.

This hasn’t always been my life. At one point I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick it out in this realm anymore.

I’m an ex-church girl. I have a very religious background and was raised to fear God. I saw God more as an opposing force who wanted to impose his will onto me. Yet, I followed those practices even when they didn’t feel good.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression, an Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD, when I was 19 years old although I’d had those feelings since I was a very young child.

Those alone were more than enough to drive me off the edge but I’m also an emotional/verbal abuse, and multiple rape survivor.

After going through major depressive episodes, developing several unhealthy addictions, and no longer recognizing who I was, I went on a journey of self discovery. I’ve been on this journey for 8 years and it’s shifted my entire life. Along this journey, I found a new form of spirituality.

I started with meditation and yoga and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I discovered the path of the Goddess.

Goddess Worship is something every woman should try. There’s NOTHING like discovering the power of the Divine Feminine. As you get to know Sekhmet, Durga, Kuan Yin, and more, you will discover your own power.

I’m on a mission to help Goddesses like you tap into their own power. There’s nothing you can’t overcome, but it takes grit and grace.

Working with me is like eating at a luxury spiritual buffet with a private dining option. Because of my eclectic background in metaphysics, I’m able to pull from different spiritual practices and I use a plethora of healing modalities. While I honor sacred practices and tradition, I’m not bound by them. I believe in doing what works and what feels good. So what works for me, may not work for you and I’m comfortable with giving you access to a different path.