Earth Magic

I have a deep understanding of ways to use Earth Magic. When I use crystals, tarot, herbs, essential oils, or energy work, everything I select as a specific and exact reason to help me. Here’s an example of a grid I did, and why I chose what I did.

Earth Magic Grid

I created a grid specifically for me. Crystals don’t just have a few keyword meanings. They’re like any other modality, they tell a story and give you clues or help. When I use Tarot cards in Magic, I select a card to represent the embodiment of what I want in a spell. Crystals are the same way. Because crystals have real_life applications, I went through each crystal and talked about how they will help me, and what I need from them.

Here are the crystals from Left to Right:

Jet: This is a protection stone, first and foremost. I use this crystal for grounding (root chakra) and healing. It’s also good for headaches/migraines. I’ve had a lot of them lately, although, I think some of them are due to third eye growth and dehydration.
Snowflake Obsidian: Helps remove negativity. I will be the first to tell you, I’m not high vibe all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I still deal with having a negative mindset. Snowflake Obsidian helps me shift my energy. It helps deflect chaos in spaces as well.
Black Tourmaline: Grounding! This crystal is all about grounding yourself into the Earth and feeling safe, secure, and stable. It also helps to deflect negative energy like the previous stones. Black Tourmaline also helps focus and provides clarity, so I used this to focus on sitting down and actually doing the work I need to get done.
Raw Emerald: Emerald is a success crystal, and opens the heart chakra. Emerald also helps you to let go of negativity. A lot of money blocks have to do with the root and heart chakra because the energy to embody abundance and manifestation are in your heart.
Personalization is huge for me. I love that I can also customize crystal jewelry for exactly what I want to represent as well. Here’s one of my most recent looks:

Top bracelet:

Pave Decorative Arrow (far left and far right) – Creating a Decorative Container
Pave Hand of Hamsa – Success, Harmony, and Happiness.
Rose Quartz – Love, Heart Chakra Healing
Hematite Arrow – Grounding, Root Chakra
Pave Heart – Love and Connection, Heart Chakra
Love Engraved Word – Love and Connecting, Heart Chakra
Heart Decorations – Love, Connection, Two makes one to represent my relationship with my wife

Bottom Bracelet:

Tree of Life (far left and far right) – Grounding, Earth Magic Reminded, Represents Wood, Decorative Container for “OM.”
Pave Hematite Disc – Replaces the “O” in OM. Grounding. Root Chakra.
M – To complete the word OM
To learn more about this jewelry, click the “Crystal Jewelry” tab up top, or click the picture below: