Embrace Your Inner Witch Journaling

These witch journaling prompts and shadow work questions will help you deepen your understanding of what a witch really is. After completing these free prompts, you will be able to:
– Define any blocks you have
– Identify and articulate why magic is important to you
– Understand your witch magic
– Learn how to deepen your magical practice
– Unpack your thoughts on which gods/goddesses you follow and why
– Step into your powerful magic and OWN IT

Journaling Prompts for Inner Witch Shadow Work

  1. What does being a witch mean to me?
  2. Why is that important?
  3. What are things I do that are “witchy”?
  4.  What does “Earth Magic” mean?
  5. Am I connected to Earth Magic?
  6. Do I follow certain Gods or Goddesses? Why?
  7. How can I improve my altar?
  8.  What would it look like if I weren’t afraid of being a witch?
  9.  Am I afraid to step into my power?
  10.  What is holding me back?
  11.  What are some magical tools I can use to help myself?
  12.  Do I want to use my magic for myself or others as well?
  13. Does my magic fill me up?
  14. Is there something I want to learn more about but haven’t?
  15.  Do I gravitate towards certain tools?
  16.  How do I describe magic?
  17.  Do I believe I’m truly magical and divine?
  18.  What holds me back?
  19.  Are my boundaries respected?
  20.  Can I assert myself when i need to?
  21.  Do I trust that the universe will provide for me?
  22.  Am I angry at my gifts?
  23.  How can I develop my magic?
  24.  Where can my magic improve?
  25.  Do I own my magic or do I hide?
  26.  Am I worried about what others will think?
  27.  Am I afraid of persecution or speaking my truth?
  28.  How can I best express my magic today?