Q. What’s Your Approach on Pharmaceuticals?

A. I’m very transparent that I still take an antidepressant daily. I think it’s very important to work with a psychologist if you feel it’s appropriate. Some women can cope and heal and be stable without pharmaceuticals. I personally know that I can’t, and discovering that about myself has been an important part of my journey. Everyone’s brain chemistry is different. There’s no shame in taking something to aide that imbalance if magic and mindset alone don’t heal you entirely.

Q. Are you a Therapist?

A. No! Therapists are an amazing resource and licensed professionals. I teach self-care, healing, and being stable using coping skills like magic, meditation, and mindset exercises. I teach women how to use crystals, energy, tarot, plants, divination, meditation, and journaling as a way to cope through mental illness. I prove life-changing support and community, but I am not a licensed therapist.

Q. How Can You Help Me?

A. I am continuously healing myself from self injury, depression, suicide attempts, eating disorders, hospitalizations, homelessness, PTSD, PMDD, and SAD through these exact same coping methods I teach. Through magic, energy, and meditating I’m able to lead a pretty incredible life and feel good on the inside. I’ve mentored hundreds of women and spoken publicy at anonymous conferences. I have previously (but am no longer) been a chemical dependency and alcoholism therapist. I have lived inpatient at mental health rehabilitation centers, and I have worked on the other side as a staff member helping these women.

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