February 2018 Monthly Tarot Report

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know that back in December I did a Year in Review tarot spread. From that spread, I used it as a guide to determine my business workload and predict mood shifts. So far, it’s worked really well for me. January was a high-confidence month and I got a lot of work done to create passive income. February is a healing month and I can rely on the foundation I set down in January to carry me through this month.

2018 Tarot Year in Review and How To Use it to Create Your Biz Plan


February’s card is The Chariot Reversed


World Spirit Tarot

My initial reaction when I saw this card in the spread wasn’t pleasant. Here’s what The Chariot Reversed symbolizes: quarrels, trouble, defeat, failure, the collapse of hopes and dreams, unfavorable legal proceedings.

My interpretation of this card when I journaled about the spread was as follows, “I have a tightness in my chest when I see this card. I’m not sure what this is, but it feels like painful growth vital for the soul. I will need to give myself permission to grieve.”

As I come into February, I know what the issue is: Anxiety. I wrote about this in my January Recap. Here’s what I wrote about anxiety:

Anxiety made a vicious comeback this month and I have been having a lot of difficulty sitting in silence without racing thoughts occupying my entire practice. The important part is that I keep doing it. I am working on anxiety with my therapist and learning that I’m actually ridiculously anxious. My first thought was, “that’s what I get for saying I can’t relate to anxiety.” My second thought was, “Have I really been focused on trauma and PTSD for the past 14 years that I never talked about anxiety?”

January 2018 Recap

In short, I wrote about how anxiety has made a comeback in my life. February is still full of crone energy so I know I will be taking a lot of downtime. When I first did this year in review spread, I didn’t know how much it would actually help me.

It has helped my business wise because I had the insight to give myself a heavy workload for January to get some digital items out to create revenue and now that I have those in place I can take a breather!

For January, I came out with multiple offers, both free and paid. You can check them out here:

Free Gifts

Work With Me

My big project for February is the Ultimate Tarot Workbook. I’ve been asked by so many people how I use the tarot in depth and understand it. I’m creating a mind-blowing workbook to deepen your understanding of the entire major and minor arcana. The workbook will be over 150+ pages and you’ll have lifetime access to it. It’s on presale right now for $22, you can check it out here.

Tarot Workbook

I’d be lying if I said I’m not afraid for the emotions I’ll be moving this month, but this spread has already helped me significantly bt starting me off with the Hierophant – I know how to lean into my spirituality and support network, and I’ll get through this oncoming storm.