Crystals 101: How to Feel a Crystal’s Energy

When you’re brand new to crystals, skepticism is pretty easy. I mean, you’re holding or wearing or making patterns with rocks. Of course you might be skeptical of whether or not they actually have any energy or can heal! But I promise you, they do and they can, if you just let them.

So let’s go over a few things you can do to open yourself up to the incredible power of crystals.

Start by being open to this experience

Skepticism is common, but it’s important to be willing and able to let go of that skepticism when you work with the crystal. Spend some time learning by reading books or blogs about crystals, listening to the experiences of others, and talking to crystal experts.

Pick up crystals, hold them in your hands, and open up to feeling anything that might come from them. Pay attention to where feelings surface in your body and how they feel for each crystal. Notice which ones draw your eye, which ones feel comforting or relaxing or energizing or loving when you touch them.

Set aside preconceived notions

When you’re wary, it’s easy to start thinking, “This will never work.” It’s also easy, if you’re desperate for solutions or results, to convince yourself that anything that happens is a result of the crystal – good or bad.

Instead, set aside any preconceived notions. Ignore what someone else, including me, says can or should happen with the crystal. Approach working with crystals with curiosity and wonder, asking questions and exploring the different crystals, methods, and ideas.

Have no expectations of the outcome

Choosing to work with Rose Quartz to heal a broken heart makes it very easy to tell yourself that you will feel better, get over your broken relationship and move on in no time. As wonderful as the energy and magic of crystals can be, they’re not an instant cure for anything. And the way that they work can be totally different than you might imagine. The universe may have much bigger plans for your healing than you can even dream of yourself.

Don’t limit your experience by having expectations of the outcome. Decide why you want to work with a crystal and choose one that serves that need. Cleanse it, charge or program it, but beyond that, be wide open. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll see a specific outcome.

In fact, you might try not hoping for any specific outcome. Trust the crystal to know what’s best for you and to do that for you.

Choose a crystal that you feel strongly attracted to

There are plenty of lists, from me and others, that can suggest crystals to work with. These lists are great starting points, but when you’re choosing your first crystal, the best thing you can do is go with the one that you feel drawn to more strongly than any other.

The crystal you need the most is the one that will call to you most strongly. It may not be on any list of crystals. It may not be one that anyone would think to recommend to you. It might not be one that you would ever have thought to get for this purpose.

But if it’s calling to you, it’s for a reason. Working with that crystal will be far more effective than any other crystal, or combination of crystals, you could find.

Working with crystals is all about feelings. You can’t approach it with logic. Trust your intuition. Trust the energy of the crystals. Know that whatever you do, as long as you’re open and ready to change for your highest and greatest good, the crystals will help you.