Have you felt like a failure as an entrepreneur, even if there’s no real reason? I had an amazing Etsy shop that made $4k/monthly in profit. But for a lot of reasons, the shop closed and I had some serious post-business depression. I had nurtured that business, cultivated repeat customers, had hundreds of five star reviews, and people knew my name.

One day it was all gone. It was pretty damn devastating.

The first time I quit a corporate job and started a business, it failed miserably. I made no money, but thankfully the loss was less than $500. I have chronic depression to begin with, and when I realized this business wasn’t working I felt like a total failure. My confidence and self-worth were totally shot. I was the breadwinner for the family and I was letting them down. Again.

Back To The Grind

18 months later, I’m in the same situation. I’m miserable at a well-paying corporate America job. It’s fucking soul sucking. I have all of these creative ideas, and I just can’t stand sitting at a desk from 9am – 6pm every damn day with a one hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks.

There is more out there for me. There is more out there for everyone.

There’s a few key differences between then and now. With both of my previous businesses, I absolutely winged it. I logged and hours and hours of YouTube videos and tutorials. I thought I had a good handle on things. Looking back at those launches make me cringe.

This time around, I’ve invested in myself. I have fearlessly exchanged the energy money of different hands and it’ll come back many-fold if I’m consistent and face all these fears about running an online business.
If I put in the work, and align myself with my true purpose and take the necessary time for self care, I’ll be taken care of in ways I couldn’t imagine myself!

You Can Do It

Do you have major entrepreneurial fears or blockages because of mental illness or low self-worth? Put in the work. You deserve it. You are worthy.

I work with women, especially entrepreneurs, who have mental illness and teach them how to use magic, meditation, and mindset to cope and heal.

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