In a previous post, I talked about how I watched Nannette Minley and Lauren (Womb Tree Alchemy) do an amazing live together on the witch wound and how it affects us. I’m paraphrasing, but Lauren essentially said,

The Witch Wound is energetic trauma or blockage that prevents us from speaking our truth, playing small, and showing up for the fear of being persecuted, or literally burned. – Lauren @ Womb Tree Alchemy

I felt activated after watching their live, and published this piece I wrote a while back on the witch wound.

Here’s the facebook live if you want to see it:


I have been working through a lot of which wounds (especially in Lauren’s group Womb Tree Alchemy Sisterhood) and collective fear, pain, and anxiety.

I participated in a 7 day #healthewitch challenge and I wanted to share my reflections. You can see all the videos and challenges by joining Lauren’s Facebook group, the Womb Tree Alchemy Sisterhood.


I’m late to the party, but happy as hell to be here. Thank you for this sacred container overflowing with power.

I can feel the call of the wild and the deep longing of living off the land surrounded by animals, plants, and the whispers of nature. I can also feel the loneliness and longing to be with my sisters who are disconnected from my generationally, ancestrally, and dimensionally.

Many times I crave deep solitude only to be met by overwhelming loneliness and the desire to be surrounded by other witches and magical people.

I keep hearing “loneliness keeps me safe” as I write this and I can see how fucking blessed I am even though this is scary. The Collective is more connected than it ever has been between the Internet, phone calls, groups online and in person, etc.

The fear is the same, but the threat doesn’t exist anymore. We’re paralyzed by a patriarchal system whose grips are the loosest they’ve ever been.

We are witches. We are healers, medicine women, lightworkers, shadow (ego) workers, psychics, intuitives, priestesses, and sovereign women full of potent magic.

Today I feel power, but I know I am a human with a spark of the Divine and my feelings are subject to change.


I have felt so much of the collective pain in my womb the past two weeks. This prompt hit me hard because my father embodies the patriarchy inflicted upon me in so many way. He threw away books on magic, candles, tarot cards, and other tools around age 12 when I was actively astral projecting and lucid dreaming but didn’t understand. I was placed in psych wards and my parents didn’t know how to deal with visions and clairvoyance.

The magic is generational for me as well as in past lives. My grandmother was raised in a cult in the 1920s. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and became addicted to amphetamines. Her magic was warped from a traumatic upbringing but it was magic nonetheless. She died in a psychiatric hospital when I was seven.

The pain of oppression led me to drug addiction, prostitution, self injury, and homelessness. I have healed so much since then, but I still feel the pain and anguish in my sacral chakra, orange like flames. I also experience betrayal because my father was so vehemently against magic but is now married to a witch.

I began to stand up to my father (he is a spiritual narcissist + misogynist) after I moved out when I graduated high school. I experienced rejection and betrayal when I was 19 and pregnant but not allowed to move back in with him (my home my entire life, even after my mom left when I was 14) because he was moving in with his now wife.

I feel this prejudice, betrayal, persecution on a cellular level.

I am no longer a child. I am a grown ass woman and magical as fuck.

Thank you for this container. A lot of trauma happened at once for me and I’ve processed much of the birthing/mothering experiences, but I have never faced this rejection, betrayal, and persecution from my father.  


I felt the pain and betrayal throughout my core. Looking at people I had helped doing nothing to help my fate. This translates in my daily life to the constant track in my head of “what about me” and wondering why I give so much and how to pour from an empty cup (pro tip: you can’t).

I felt the surrender and stillness as I invoked those I had helped. I felt how time after time, life after life, I am in servitude to the greater healing. I come back again and again to give and serve and hold space for others. I know this is my life’s work regardless of what I “receive” in return.

I also felt solace in the sisterhood and knowing that although I feel so alone, there are so many other witches out there that have been doing the same work life time after life time. I find solace in connecting with them in this lifetime, and continuing to do our work both collectively and separately.

I will continue to rise up out of each life to work harder and more courageously in the next, and to make my practice a servitude to others on this path.

This one was hard. Thank you again for this container.


I closed off the most magical part of me. I do not blame her mother. Every mother wants their children to live and not burn.

Feeling the fear of this young woman’s mother, I have more empathy for my own parents. I also see how my own silencing wasn’t of malicious intent, but my parents doing the best they could. My father silenced me by forcing me to read the bible, destroying my tools, and dimming my magic. My mother silenced me by hushing me and teaching me the generational lineage of women shrinking before men.

I am a grown ass woman in the 21st century. I do not need to remain silent. The fear and  blocks are there and so deep but they aren’t rooted in the truth.

I am still healing my throat chakra of generational and ancestral silence.

These prompts have allowed me to open. Thank you.

For anyone wishing to meditate more on their throat chakra, I have a list of 15 minute meditations that were very powerful for me. I can leave the link in the comments, if that’s okay with Lauren.


How can we reclaim what our ancient sisters had? How can we rebuild this trust? I identified with the distrust for sisters and walking through that wound. I am so extremely grateful that I not only have amazing online sisters, but I also have a bi-weekly non-negotiable women’s circle I attend.

These women are my soul sisters. There’s light language and blessings and channeling and we chant together and create a healing force field for the world around us. Each one of us takes this magic into our daily lives.

I am so blessed to live in a time where I can attend circle and consistently talk about what happened with safe people in my life like my partner and other witches.

The last circle I went to, I used my magic to help a new sister tap into a couple elementals on the property and she experienced faerie energy for the first time.

This sacred sisterhood is a crucial part of me well being. This circle is where I am learning to love unconditionally and not feel threatened by my sisters being better or more than me. These circles have changed my life, and I urge you to seek them out where you live.


My service is a prayer to the services of others. With my practice, I honor the practice of my sisters past, present, and future. We are reclaiming our magic and self-identifying as witches.

Embodying the witch is an act of honor to the witches who go before and after me. When I sit in the stillness, I can feel the feminine power. I see my current life and how standing in my own power with magic has helped my own mother heal when she asked me to teach her about magic.

Standing in the embodiment of the witch, I touch the call of the wild in others and help my sisters transform and transmute.

I am a witch. I am divinity. I work with the shadow and the light. I transmute the pain into service and I show up for others because they had the courage to show up for me.


I am a powerful witch, capable of shifting energy and carrying the ripple of healing to my sisters. As I continue to heal myself, I carry the energy to others and people around me. I am capable of transmuting the pain and trauma of my inner witch into power and energy for the healing of all. As this moon energy unfolds, I open myself to be a beacon of love and working with our shadows.