I watched Nannette Minley and Lauren (Womb Tree Alchemy) do an amazing live together on the witch wound and how it affects us. I’m paraphrasing, but Lauren essentially said,

The Witch Wound is energetic trauma or blockage that prevents us from speaking our truth, playing small, and showing up for the feer of being persecuted, or literally burned. – Lauren @ Womb Tree Alchemy

I felt activated after watching their live, and found an old piece I wrote on healing past lives from the burning times. I was essentially writing about the Witch Wound.

Here’s the facebook live if you want to see it:


Here’s the piece on my own witch wounds that I dug up. It’s never been published anywhere. 🙂


From: Pinterest

My Personal Witch Wound

I know in a past life that I was a witch during the burning times.  

I don’t know if I was part of the most notorious burnings of the Salem Witch Trials, or even what century I lived during, but I know what happened to me.  I know that within the depth of my soul that in my past life I was burned and tortured for speaking my truth and for being a woman. I was burned for being a healer and a medicine woman. All of these things that I do in this current life I was tortured for in another life.  

I was killed.  I was persecuted.  This affects me because I have difficulties speaking my truth.  I have difficulty rising up. I have difficulties stepping up to the plate and saying what needs to be said.  I have trouble getting my message out into the world because I subconsciously block myself from those messages.

I know that I’m an open channel.  I know that I am a spiritual priestess of Mother Earth.  However, it’s scary to talk about and it’s frightening to do my work as a spiritual entrepreneur because of these experiences.  

One of the things that I’ve had to do is go through and mourn my past life traumas.  There is a reason why I’m so energetically imbalanced. I tend to become overbearing feminine when you look at archetypes of the unbalanced sacred feminine.

There’s a reason why I’m so resistant to the masculine energy and I’m so resistant to men. It’s because of the patriarchy.  It’s because of this age that we’ve been living in for centuries that I’ve been persecuted for and have been killed for in past lives; for talking about the same things I am now.  

We are coming into a feminine age.  In order for this feminine age of Aquarius to be everything that we know it can be, the energies must be balanced. I’m able to explore my femininity and be able to really root myself in it and speak my truth and know it’s not going anywhere; I can also focus on balancing out and bettering my masculine energy.  This isn’t just what about what I do; it’s about what we as do as a collective.

All of us that are rising and waking up; we’re a collective.  We mourn things at the same time. We experience joy at the same time.  Our life links are synced up to each other.

I can feel each of you in my heart surrounding me with light.  Being able to experience something like that is so incredibly magical.

I need to be able to speak my truth in a feminine way, but still be able to balance that side with masculine energy.

Soul-trauma was holding me back for so long.  I wasn’t able to express myself fully that I needed to.  I wasn’t able to be confident and have the motivation or the energy and the drive and all of the masculine qualities that I needed to have to be successful. I had to go back into a past life where this intense resistance to masculine energy began. Doing this allowed me to then become able to work through the resistance and learn to embrace that masculine energy that allows me to have the drive, the energy, the focus, the continuance, the reputation and the routine of getting the work done, and making the money.  

Feminine is this easy energy. It’s flowing and it’s fun, while the masculine is more like “Okay we’re getting this shit done.” Resisting the masculine energy is what keeps me from functioning and being able to shine as bright. It causes me to hide behind the curtains when I know that I have an amazing message to share as part of the Collective.

Lauren is also hosting a 7 Day Heal the Witch Wound Immersive never her Facebook group

I’m a little behind and digging into day one today, but I hope to see you there!!