Mint is the herb of abundance

Mint leaves have an energizing fragrance and power. They bring protection and strengths your wealth and your investments will always be safe and continue to expand exponentially. Their green leaves are also symbolic of money. Keep a dried mint leaf or two in your wallet and/or purse. You can also use mint leaves in your next abundance spell.

According to ancient folk magic, rubbing the bills in your wallet with fresh mint leaves will help your money multiply. Try it and visualize even more money coming to you every time you spend it. It’s a great addition to any garden or as a potted plant. It has an amazing aromatherapy scent that will fill both inside and outside of your home.

Tools For Your Abundance Spell:

Mint – dried
Cauldron or Shell
Lighter or Matches
Feather (optional)

Instructions: Use a cauldron or abalone shell as a safe place to put burning herbs. Light the dried mint. Allow it to catch and set a flame, then blow it out to let it smolder. Rest the mint in a shell or cauldron and allow the smoke to invite abundance into your soul and your home. you can actively smudge yourself or an area of space, or simply allow the mint to burn. You’ve just completed your abundance spell!

Optional: Use a feather to aide in smudging

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