Recently, I discovered a tool to help me manifest what I want in my life, which in turn allows me to create my own reality.  It basically involves me declaring to the Universe what I want and claiming what I want as if it’s already mine.

I believe that very much on a quantum level that we create our realities and have the ability to do anything that we want with our lives.  And one thing that I’ve really been wanting to do is become more visible as a public speaker on mental health and its role in entrepreneurship as well as magic.

The first thing I did to construct this reality for myself was create a Facebook post literally calling this desire into my life.  The Facebook post was essentially something that I had written down in my journal. One of the things that I wrote down was that “I’m going to be on more podcasts and public speaking gigs.”

The other thing I did was decide that I already am a speaker and claimed this new title for myself. I’ve spoken before in front of large audiences and have been very well-received, but not in ways that I truly desire to as far as podcasts are concerned. In my previous speaking engagements, I served as a sober advocate for teens talking about my addiction throughout high school. And, while this was a great way to gain speaking experience it is not really aligned with who I am anymore.

And so, when I submitted an article to Badassery Magazine, I was asked to write a bio and in my bio, I said that I was a speaker.  Even though I hadn’t actually carried out the type of speaking engagements I truly desire to do I acted as if this was something I was already doing. This was a way for me to call becoming a “true” speaker into my life.  

Then, I did the Facebook post and all it said was that “I’m going to be on more podcasts and increasing my speaking visibility.”

And would you even believe…

Since then I have scheduled 4 podcast interviews and I have also had an article published in Badassery Magazine.  I have submitted more articles to online blogs that are awaiting submission answers but I’m getting out there!

So it’s clear to me that manifesting this desire, believing in it and knowing that it was going to become my reality is what allowed this all to happen. In my mind, there was never a question about it for me.  

I know that I am an abundant being and because I can connect with this spiritual aspect in my life and business I’m sure that I’ll attract women to teach that are just like me and also very spiritual.

My business wouldn’t be what it is without manifestation.  In fact, I’ll have you know that I manifested a client paying in $1000 in full recently as well. This came after doing some really intense manifestation rituals and continuing to make my self-care a priority.  I’m meditating.  I’m doing yoga.  I’m allowing my body to relax when it needs to.  It’s all really important stuff.  

On that note, one of the other things that I wanted to talk about is how I use manifestation in my business. My business wouldn’t be what it is without manifestation.  

Because of manifestation I’ve had the intuitive inspired action to write certain copy, or certain blog posts, or do something differently, or tweak something differently, or hire someone for ads and so on, so forth.  Those are all intuitive decisions that I’ve made because I continually focus on manifesting a successful business.  

I’ve been using The Secret app, where you basically get deposited thousands of dollars in play money and then you choose what you buy with that fake money. What it allows you to do is get into the energy of money.  You’re basically stepping into the shoes of someone having that money.  I use it to visualize and manifest that in my life to hire people that I desire to support me in my business.