Do you have residual negative energy you need to get rid of?

An entrepreneur going through the depression or anxiety?

Are you an empath with others peoples shit rubbing off on you. Cleanse that shit off you.

Here’s how! 

Being an online entrepreneur is fucking lonely sometimes. No one around because they’re all busy working on their own empire or working clients. I have a lot of anxiety when I know I need support and want to reach out to someone. It’s always an awkward conversation and I feel flustered. All of this weighs on me, and definitely stresses me out. When I’m stressed, my content doesn’t flow and my strategy is out of whack.

All these feelings create negative energy that seeps into your content. Digital media is your physical self and if you know what it’s like to have mental illness, it’s hard to be someone else in social media. It adds more stress, anxiety, and energy that you’re already lacking. I for sure as hell struggle to post online sometimes when I’m having a severe bout of depression.

Negative energy can be cleared away though. You might feel icky for now, but it’s absolutely possible to clear off that excess energy.

But it’s not like you can just turn it off, right? Because mental illness doesn’t work that way. That’s why we need coping skills and support on a continuous basis.

I’m a queer magic and mindset mentor. I teach women how to cope with mental illness. Using magic, meditation, and mindset as a way to shift lives into higher vibrations, I celebrate all the bad ass women conquering mental illness on a daily basis.

One way you can slough off that negative energy is by smudging yourself. Smudging is basically the burning of an herb or herbs and using the smoke as a cleansing tool around your body. Take a smudge stick or smudge wand* and use a candle to get it well lit to start smoking. Once it’s smoking trace your body and limbs with the smudging wand and allow the smoke to cleanse your energy fields.

* Most smudge wands are sage known for their cleansing properties, they can also be called sage wands, but I like using sage + lavender for cleansing and relaxation/stress-relief)

While smudging, try to clear your mind or think of sloughing off something tangible. If it calls to you, you can use a feather to wave the smoke. You can also use this method to smudge your home or a single room. I keep altars throughout my house and each one has a sage wand and abalone shell.

After smudging, try to do something relaxing like meditation or taking a walk to get all your energies recentered and settled. You should feel lighter, happier, and if you’re an empath, most of those residual energies should have subsided or be gone!