I talk a lot about self care and being an entrepreneur with mental illness. I’m continually processing my own trauma and emotions to help others. I’m being held accountable for my own spirituality and self care by the amazing women I’ve surrounded myself with.

I’ve been working hard on my money mindset and money blocks. Yesterday, I spent money like there was a total abundance of it. I spent money like I’m not afraid of it, and I know it’ll come back to me. I invested in myself and my business.

I got my MacBook Pro delivered today! A lot of my money blocks come from not feelings like I’m not worth the money. Originally, I was going to get a 13” refurbished MacBook Pro. Although a lot cheaper, it would be a huge step up from my ancient Gateway PC that crashes when I try launching Adobe Illustrator. I realized while placing the refurb in my cart that I don’t ever really treat myself to ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES financially. I deleted the refurb from my digital cart, and got the computer I’d been drooling over.

I’m a techy girl at heart, and I hope you are too ONLY so you can be AS EXCITED AS I AM!!!

My new MacBook Pro is a 15” (desktop replacement! Worth it!) 1TB HD (whoa), 16GB Memory (WHOA), Intel i7 Quad Core Processor (WHOOOOOAAAAA) and a touch bar. My ancient desktop didn’t even have a USB webcam so I really can’t express how excited I am!!! I am so incredibly excited to get put this machine to work! Get ready for more videos, lives, webinars, courses, and SO MUCH MORE!