Merry Imbolc! I’ spent the first day of Imbolc in ritual mode with my partner as we did card readings (using the first digital spread I created!) for ourselves, prayers, reflection, thanks, and connecting with Brigid.

Brigid is a Celtic Priestess who was a warrior and sovereign. As Christianity spread, Brigid was colonized into a Christian Saint.

I particularly love this blog about Brigid.

Imbolc! We are stoking our inner fire. Imbolc is about connecting with our divinity and remembering our sovereignty.

We are making the transition from winter to spring, or the archetypal crone to maiden/virgin. This is the time witches come out of deep hibernation and a season of looking inward.

As winter is halfway over, you can feel the stir in your bones, maybe even your womb, of warmth and vitality. Remember what we went inwards for. Use this remainder of the season to integrate your learnings and start springing into action!

I created my first ever digital spread for this holiday! Here’s an Imbolc Tarot Spread you can use for the season. If you’re reading this and Imbolc is over, I’m a strong believer that lunar and holiday energies are potent for 3 days before and 3 days after the actual day. In this case, Imbolc is Feb 1-2, so really the energy is potent from Jan 28 – Feb 5!


This was what I pulled for this spread last night. I had some extremely potent messages!



I also set up an altar while doing tarot and a permanent altar near the hearth of our home.



Most of these items above and below came from my January subscription box from Sugar Muses.