This Month’s Report: January 2018

Card of the Month: Hierophant

From the Robin Wood Guide: “Tradition, captivity, servitude, ritual, inactivity, retention, timidity, a desire to hold onto old thoughts and ways even if they are outdated. Concern for form over function.”

For 2018, I did an epic tarot spread and arranged my entire promotional and blog calendar to align with my personal year.

2018 Tarot Year in Review and How To Use it to Create Your Biz Plan

Each month, I’m going to do a REPORT and a REVIEW post. In the Report posts, I’ll talk about what’s in store for each month – what’s changing, reflections, and more. In the Review posts, I’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t work, reflections, and what actually changed.

The first thing I thought of for January when I saw this card was that I need to change up my technology. I used Tarot to give me guidelines for each month, and this definitely resonates as I’m essentially doing a “relaunch” of my website and business.

I want to be ahead of the curveball, and this card for me has statistically meant “You’re stuck in your old ways again, Victoria.” So to get ahead, I am throwing myself full force into changing things up! I’ve used MailChimp up until now as my email servicer, and I intuitively knew I have to switch to ConvertKit this month.

You can get ConvertKit here.

I’ve been looking for ways to tweak my website and make my blog friendlier, and more visible. I can definitely feel the Hierophant energy as I’m stuck with the same website design I have. I am currently looking at a different theme, while I’m manifesting the money for a web designer.

The other thing that came to mind when I pulled this card was stepping into my soulful shoes. The words “inactivity” and “timidity” pulsed when I read it the first time. Stepping into spiritual shoes can be scary as fuck. But I also know that fear is 1000 miles high and 1000 miles wide, but only tissue paper thin!

I will continue to show up, add value, and speak authentically about magic. I can’t wait for you to join me!