January 2018 Monthly Report

January 2018 Monthly Report

This Month’s Report: January 2018

Card of the Month: Hierophant

From the Robin Wood Guide: “Tradition, captivity, servitude, ritual, inactivity, retention, timidity, a desire to hold onto old thoughts and ways even if they are outdated. Concern for form over function.”

For 2018, I did an epic tarot spread and arranged my entire promotional and blog calendar to align with my personal year.

Each month, I’m going to do a REPORT and a REVIEW post. In the Report posts, I’ll talk about what’s in store for each month – what’s changing, reflections, and more. In the Review posts, I’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t work, reflections, and what actually changed.

The first thing I thought of for January when I saw this card was that I need to change up my technology. I used Tarot to give me guidelines for each month, and this definitely resonates as I’m essentially doing a “relaunch” of my website and business.

I want to be ahead of the curveball, and this card for me has statistically meant “You’re stuck in your old ways again, Victoria.” So to get ahead, I am throwing myself full force into changing things up! I’ve used MailChimp up until now as my email servicer, and I intuitively knew I have to switch to ConvertKit this month.

You can get ConvertKit here.

I’ve been looking for ways to tweak my website and make my blog friendlier, and more visible. I can definitely feel the Hierophant energy as I’m stuck with the same website design I have. I am currently looking at a different theme, while I’m manifesting the money for a web designer.

The other thing that came to mind when I pulled this card was stepping into my soulful shoes. The words “inactivity” and “timidity” pulsed when I read it the first time. Stepping into spiritual shoes can be scary as fuck. But I also know that fear is 1000 miles high and 1000 miles wide, but only tissue paper thin!

I will continue to show up, add value, and speak authentically about magic. I can’t wait for you to join me!

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