Welcome to the first recap of the year! I did an entire tarot spread for my year in review and applied it to my business and personal life. You can read about how I did the spread here.

2018 Tarot Year in Review and How To Use it to Create Your Biz Plan


For each card I drew, I used it as both a prediction and focus for the month. Here’s how my January 2018 unraveled.

For January 2018, the card was The Hierophant. To see where I wrote about The Hierophant at the beginning of January, look here:

January 2018 Monthly Report

The Hierophant impacted me deeply this month. I took this card as a constant reminder to lean on my spirituality and create a solid foundation. My practice before this year was sporadic, and anything but consistent. I meditated and practiced yoga often this month. I did yoga at home for the first time. I made meditation and journaling a thirty-minute requirement before beginning each day. I have also increased the amount of time I spend journaling.

My entire body has been in survival mode my entire life and while these practices aren’t new to me, I’m taking my practice to a deeper level than ever before. I worked on my Throat Chakra for the majority of January. I used a lot of Garnet everywhere to embrace sacred masculinity. I fell in love with singing bowls and gongs. I went to my first kundalini yoga class with gong immersion ALONE.

Anxiety made a vicious comeback this month and I have been having a lot of difficulty sitting in silence without racing thoughts occupying my entire practice. The important part is that I keep doing it. I am working on anxiety with my therapist and learning that I’m actually ridiculously anxious. My first thought was, “that’s what I get for saying I can’t relate to anxiety.” My second thought was, “Have I really been focused on trauma and PTSD for the past 14 years that I never talked about anxiety?”

My therapist was pretty shocked when I told her I’d never worked on anxiety, but I have spent the last 14 years in and out of therapy working through and processing multiple rapes, befriending a sociopath murderer and being abused by him before he killed my friend, homelessness, prostitution, addiction, depression, PTSD, mommy issues, daddy issues, and a plethora of other random albeit traumatic experiences. All this trauma added to the buried deep anxiety under multiple layers.

Through all of this, the Hierophant reminds me to lean into my practice – daily meditations are non-negotiable for me, even if it’s 15 minutes at a time (which, by the way, keep reading for a 15-minute meditation I fell in love with). Many crystals came home with me this month and all of them have been used intensively. It was a rough month between blizzards, freezing temps, and crushing anxiety, but I think it’s safe to say I have a whole new outlook on the Hierophant!

What do you think about him? Tell me in the comments!


I’m also leaving you with a sneak peek of the Hierophant in my Tarot and Journaling workbook. To get more info on the workbook, click here!

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Want to check out the fifteen-minute meditation I fell in love with this month? Check it out below. Even though it’s 15 minutes, it includes chakra balancing, affirmations, breathing exercises, visualization, AND chanting!