This month has been focused on The Hierophant, according to the Tarot Year in Review Spread. You can read more about what I did here. I’ve always had a natural resistance to the Hierophant, so when this was the first card I pulled for 2018, I figured my cards were telling me to get over that resistance and lean into the discomfort.

January 2018 Monthly Report

2018 Tarot Year in Review and How To Use it to Create Your Biz Plan


The Hierophant has been teaching me lessons so far. One of the things The Hierophant symbolizes in Religion. While I prefer to subscribe to spirituality rather than religion, something has been continuously coming up for me.

I follow a loosely termed Pagan path. I’m polytheistic but also incorporate Buddhism, Quantum Physics, and Lakota Spirituality in my practice. In the Pagan path, the seasons symbolize changes in our lives. The Winter for Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere tends to embody Crone Energy.

Winter is a time for relaxation, rest, recuperation, rejuvenation. It is a time of looking inward, expanding self, and leaning into personal development. In the plant and animal world, species go into hibernation, they slow their growth and give themselves the space to honor the slow transition into Spring.

Honoring the Seasons has been a new practice to me, but it aligns perfectly with my previous understanding of my personal “phases.” I have PTSD and the Winter has always been incredibly difficult for me. Most of my trauma happened in the winter, and in the cold. The lack of sunlight, warmth, and being outside amplifies the trauma and I tend to shut off from the world around me.

I knew this Winter was going to be hard because I’m processing things in therapy I’ve never processed before. Anniversaries come and go, and the cold never helps. In the past, I would shut off and buckle down to just get through the Winters. This year, I’m making an active effort to honor the transformation.

I have been pouring myself into self-care. I dye my hair. I do my nails. I make time for yoga. I meditate. I journal. I go to therapy once a week. I work through personal development workbooks. The Winter is becoming a time for me to go inward and call on Crone Wisdom to move through these emotions to make room for me to bloom.

The Hierophant has been constantly reminding me to take it slow and easy with my work, and allow myself to rest and relax and allow the Crone Energy in.