July 26 & 27 Astrology Report: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and Five Planets in Retrograde. WTF is happening!?

Summer is the season of the Wife/Mother Archetype (Crone, Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman). We are fertile and creative right now, but weighed down so heavily by the pain and cosmic effects on the conscious collective.

The Mother archetype is the embodiment of sacred femininty, and is in between the Maiden/Virginal energy and Enchantress/Wise Woman seasons. We are gathering energy for full embodiment and expression of the Wise Woman, while trudging through a lot of 3D issues that affect wives and mothers. You can read more about the seasonal feminine archetypes you can do that here.

Today, Mars and Mercury went into retrograde. Tomorrow, there is a Full Moon plus a lunar eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse is really special, though. July 27 will enter the full moon in this maiden season, and we will have the longest eclipse in the past 100 years.

As if that energy isn’t enough, five planets are currently in retrograde. Retrograde is when the planets make a temporary reversal, or move backwards in orbit (really they’re just creating loopty loos in orbit, thanks college Astronomy classes!). When the planets move backwards or are in retrograde, the planetary correlated energies get out of whack.

Saturn rules work ethic, routines, consistency, and karma. With Saturn in retrograde, we our questioning our work ethic, motivation, and ability to be proactive. Any karmic debts we have will also be weighing heavier with Saturn in Retrograde. I like to burn ancestor money any time Saturn is in retrograde to honor my ancestors and assist them with their karmic debts. You can read more about Ancestor Money here.

Pluto governs our shadow selves and the ego. If you’ve felt like your character defects are kicking your ass, Pluto is probably why. Growth is uncomfortable, but necessary, and the way we grow is by looking at our humanness. If you need extra support for your shadow self and how to love her while Pluto is in retrograde, reach out to Caitlin Hefner.

Neptune is our spiritual selves. Since Neptune is in retrograde, many of us are forced to face realities, especially if we tend to use meditation/yoga/astral work as an addictive escape from our daily human lives. I have personally heard whispers to lean into the discomfort and pain rather than running. If you feel like the Universe is making you face the pain with nowhere to hide, Neptune is to thank.

Mars and Mercury both started their retrograde today. So in the next 48 hours, we have five planets in retrograde, a full moon, and the longest lunar eclipse in the past century! Mars and Mecury amplify each other. Mars rules our animalist and primal emotions as well as our sex life (Mother Archetype!) and aggression.

Mars in Retrograde will force us to reassess our goals. Mercury symbolizes contracts, communication, and travel. Mercury in retrograde is a time to avoid signing contracts or signing new contracts. Mercury and Mars also represent masculinity, so call in the extra motivation and security.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be doing a full moon and lunar eclipse ritual. I have been working through a lot of which wounds (especially in Lauren’s group Womb Tree Alchemy Sisterhood) and collective fear, pain, and anxiety. I’ll be harnessing the potent energies of the moon, planets, and conscious collective for universal healing and love.

To honor this moon and eclipse, I have crafted two “mini” offers at mini prices with a big impact. If you would like your higher self and spirit guides called into the ritual, I am offering FIVE spots for $15. For each person, I will add your name physically on my altar and call your higher self into the ritual. I will work with my guides and yours to ensure you receive the healing most needed for you at this time.

I will also ask your guides for any messages that may be helpful for you. I will relay these messages to you the next day.

If you’re looking for something more 1:1, I’m also offering 20 minute mini crystal chakra alignments for $30. If you’d like more info on that, please pm me!

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