Our 3D reality is made up of four key components: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Source. Each layer is a piece of our woven 3D reality, here on the physical plane of Earth. Here’s a diagram of how these layers create what we physically see:

How many of us focus on the most primal – the body? This is what we can interpret with our five senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. This is what we think of in context to our reality usually, but there is so much more at play that we can’t see, or are just starting to learn the means of discerning. BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) face adversity in this area because of the institutionalization of worldwide systematic racism.

The mind is where science has started to scratch the surface. Our minds are comprised of our thoughts, dreams, memories, feelings, and bodily neurochemicals. These neurochemical imbalances may create overcoming adversity (mental health) in order to function at the same level neurotypical people do.

Spirit is your soul. Your heart is the seat of your soul and the brain/heart connection is more important than ever as people are waking up. Spirit is what the mind reaches or seeks to obtain from meditation. Our souls are made up of the same energy as Source.

Source is the final and most vast layer of our reality. We are all connected to the ethereal source or cosmic consciousness. Each of our souls is made up of the same energy as our sourcefield and this is what enables psychic awareness, premonitions, big ideas (like E=mc2), interdimensional travel, and interspecies communication. Source is also the reason why people say we feel things “through the collective conscious;” because once connected, we experience what others who are connected to Source are experiencing.