Lindsay Parris was born in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1980’s but moved around a lot as a child, inspiring a love of experiencing new cultures, sights and sounds.  Lindsay graduated with an Art Studio degree and a Master’s of Art Education from UAB in 2004 and 2007. Since then she has spent 12 years teaching visual art in the Birmingham area as well as creating and exhibiting her own art at a variety of galleries and festivals. Currently she teaches as an adjunct instructor of Art Education at UAB. Lindsay’s color palette leans toward the bright and colorful and the imagery she often explores through her work is both whimsical and also a direct response to her daily experiences in the wild ride called life. Most of her work is a combination of drawing, painting, and jewelry making that coincides with her personal spiritual path through dreams, meditation, intuitive journaling and this bizarre and beautiful human existence on Earth. “My art is both a direct reflection of where I am on my personal path and my interpretations of the Collective Conscious.”

Her recent series are relfections of processing various meditations, dreams, and experiences. These include Roots, Mother Earth, Brain Mapping, Spirit Animal Rising, and Kundalini Awakening. Each print is signed and titled by the artist. The original paintings are in large scale format painted with acrylic on hand framed hardboard panels.

Lindsay also taps into her intuition and higher self to offer other services to clients; such as Beyond Quantum Healing sessions, tarot and oracle card readings, soul path and dream interpretation paintings and reports, as well as hosting local moon goddess intention ceremonies and chakra themed art therapy workshops.

“The Empowered Vibe Tribe is a group created by me (Goddess Lindsay) to share my gifts, passions, experiences, and art that manifested out of my journey into consciousness and awakening. I don’t claim to be an expert or have all of the answers, as we all know the truth lies within. I do however, have practices that I have nurtured and grown over the past several years that have helped me connect with my higher self to work towards living a life filled with more compassion, connection, consciousness, and joy.”

To get in touch with Lindsay or find out how you can connect with her, check out her website There you can find visual examples of her art, empowered vibe tribe happenings, as well as detailed descriptions of her services and offerings. She also recently started a blog where she comments on her personal spiritual experiences as well as highlights her views from tapping into the collective conscious experience by looking at how source is filtered through the masses and what common themes arise. You can also follow her on social media at as well as

Kundalini Awakening – Painting – Lindsay Parris


handmade jewelry with wood burned eyes and crystals