My Magic and Mindset Reset currently has EIGHT SPOTS LEFT. You’ll be learning and working through intensive modules in groups such as journaling, meditation, boundaries, crystals + chakras, pendulums + tarot, and building a sacred space. The Magic and Mindset Reset launches NOVEMBER 4 2017.

October 10-15: Sign up for the Magic and Mindset reset, and I’ll give you a FREE 90 minute 1:1 call!!! That’s a $450 value, and during this call we’ll dive EVEN DEEPER into one of the modules of your choosing! We’ll talk one on one about the topic of your choice, plus I’ll record it so you can keep it FOREVER. This goes away after October 15!

This 5 week Magic & Mindset Reset is for the entrepreneur who:

✨ Has struggled with mental health blocking her from her goals

✨ Has an interest or has dabbled in crystals, chakras, tarot, or pendulums

✨ Knows what she wants, but has difficulty getting from point A to point B

✨Taps into her intuition to make soul based decisions

✨ Gets anxious, depressed, or manic occasionally

✨Wants to tap into the healing light of spirituality and the Universe

✨Can get vulnerable in a group setting and safe space of like-minded women

✨ Wants coping skills so she can show up in their business the way she wants to

✨ Can handle accountability, and hold others accountable gently

✨Wants to use meditation as a tool for replenishing energy and body work

✨Wants to run a successful business while balancing self-care

✨ Is ready to make the commitment to heal and cope through mental illness and trauma

We’re diving deep in this intensive magic and mindset reset. There will be some serious emotions moving, and this community will be a safe space. Please make sure you’re willing do the work, and commit to keeping the community a safe space.

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