How to Manifest Despite Depression and Anxiety

I’ve had chronic depression since I was a kid and a lot of money anxiety. My wife and son both have ADHD. Sometimes manifestation is a bitch. This is how I manifest despite all that.

Manifesting despite mental health is something I specifically specialize in, so here’s my number one tool that applies to the situation. It’s super woo, so hang with me.

A while back, I read Happy Pockets Full of Money, and learning about quantum theory and mechanics and looking at life as we know it as an energetic field. Almost matrix-y 🙂

Something that helped me TREMENDOUSLY was shifting out of the negativity and into the state of an abundant being. If money/material things are energy, then we want to attract that energy. That makes sense.

What’s difficult for me is pretending like I’m not depressed and am totally/wholly deserving of my manifestation.

Here’s where the shift happens: If you look at manifestation from an ENERGETIC field. We’re energetic beings. This is proven. There’s technology that can read our physical soul several feet away from the body.

Manifest With Energy

The world is energetic, and so are we. The way I manifest when I’m depressed is by turning myself into a magnet. Get grounded, and focused and then call your manifestations TO YOU like a magnet.

It removes the whether you’re worthy or not because you clearly are. But sometimes we can’t see that. Using the magnet visualization really helps me when I’m feeling low because I think more about attracting energy and less about getting what I think I do or don’t deserve.

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