Do you ever have one of those amazing, blissful “AHA!” moments?! Because I just did. I used my work meditation to kickstart a flurry of FLOW.

Part of my spirituality has to do with crystals, candles, tarot, and energy. I suppose it could be “loosely” classified as Pagan, but I’m much more of a spiritual person than a religious person.

A Really Bad Day

Last night, my partner and I stayed over night in a hospital room because our friend was badly hurt. My mom was able to have a sleepover with our son, and we were with her through the ER and spent the night with her after she was admitted. She’s doing better, and we’re leaving to visit again in a little while.
I’m also a HUGE empath. I feel things deeper than some, and I get a lot of other people’s residual emotions. I’ve been drained since we left the hospital and it’s been non-stop taking care of errands since 8am. My partner and I handed the kiddo his tablet (he had an amazing day at Kindergarten which is GREAT because of what we’ve been dealing with, so he’s been getting extra screen time), and we were going to nap. We were both exhausted.

How I Recharged

Before napping, I lit some candles, worked some energy, and prayed for all the people in my life that are hurting. Meditated on bringing them all joy, healing, and laughter. I focused on work meditation.

I tried napping, but all I could think of was exciting blog and business things I wanted to do. There was just this intense impulse to Get. Shit. Done. I had the energy to not only create content, but create it well.

I got out of bed, and started to “work.” Which, by the way, doesn’t feel like work!

I’m creating better content and purposeful in my work. Guided to do the things that matter, and only those things. I’m using my time wisely.

Because I meditated before I dove in.

I’ve had spurts of energy before where I can churn out content. Tons of content. A lot of really poor quality content.

But check this out. This post right here, the one you’re reading, you can feel my energy, right? You can feel the excitement and high vibrations? THAT is what I want my work to be filled with!

This is how I want to feel EVERY. TIME. I. “WORK.”

Go ahead. Try it. Before you get some work done today or tomorrow, sit down and meditate.

Ask the Earth for guidance. She’ll show you.

p.s. – Seen this article somewhere else? I wrote it first at Purple Unicorn Designs, my first business.