No frills, no fluff.

Micro trainings and courses are short and compact offerings that serve straight up education and applicable knowledge.

No fluffy language. No flowery fake promises.  Real tools + skills you can use in your spiritual or personal growth practice. These courses will typically be $7, but never more than $11. They could be 3-5 page laser focused PDFs, short video trainings, and more.

Micro trainings and courses are for the polyglot who loves to learn and is on a budget. This individual doesn’t want a 4-month intensive course right now, although I do those too.

This is an introduction to the magic we can make together. This is a toe dip in the pool of metaphysics. Magic and energy work should be accessible, and now they are in bite-sized pieces.

The first micro training that will be available by the end of January. This will be Beginners Tarot 101 for $7. If you’d like to stay updated with the micro trainings I’m developing, please sign up below for announcements! I hate spam, so I won’t do that to you. You’ll receive at the most an email twice a month from me.