Humans have four layers of reality – Body, Mind, Spirit, and Source. Body is where humans feel most connected. Meditation and prayer fall under mind. Source is the divine seed within us that allows us to touch and interact with the collective consciousness. Today, we’re talking about the Spirit, or energetic body.
The most common phrases used when talking about the energetic body is “chakras.” This is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “discs” which is how each energy center is depicted. I prefer to use the term energy centers because “chakras” or energy centers are represented in all different cultures and religions across the east AND west.*** Our energetic body is comprised of many energy centers and pathways (like Meridians in Reiki). 
There are well over 100+ energy centers in our body, but I primarily work with seven different energy centers. Although these energy centers are often called “chakras,” I use the westernized words to describe these seven specific energy centers throughout the body. 
Root – at the base of your spine (perineum area): This affects your stability, security, and ability to trust. 
Sacral – womb space (people without those sex organs still have an energetic womb space): This affects creativity, sexuality, and birth (literally and figuratively)
Solar Plexus – above your belly button at the base of your ribs: This affects self-esteem, power, and confidence.
Heart – Center of your chest / heart space: This affects self love, love for others, and childhood/inner child.
Throat – Throat / Where Adam’s apple is: This affects communication, listening, truth, and speaking up.
Third Eye – Forehead between your eyebrows: This affects psychic abilities, ability to see things clearly and the big picture
Crown – Top of your head in the center: This affects your connection to source, consciousness, and the conscious collective/Spirit
These are the very basics of the energy centers I work with. I teach people how to heal themselves using their energetic systems and source. 
My favorite exercise to clear my energetic system and unblock it is to imagine a white light coming in through my crown energy center and down my body, washing and clearing out each energy center. You may feel physical sensations in these centers like tingling or twitching. You may not experience any feelings and simply visualize the white light bathing each energy center. 
I wrote a post a while back on 15 minute Chakra Alignments. I used the word “chakra” because that is what the YouTube series calls them. These words can be used interchangeably, as long as it is done respectfully, although I still prefer “energy center” where possible. For each energy center I listed in this post, there is a 15 minute meditation that involves visualization, affirmations, chanting, and more. They’re my go to when I’m looking for a quick but powerful meditation. 
There are many ways you can work with these energy centers, and that’s something I’ll be teaching in my upcoming course, Embrace Your Inner Witch. One way you can work with these energy centers is using aromatherapy. These can be used during meditation, before sleep, or on the go when you’re looking for some balance. My favorite Meditation + Body mists are from The owner, Vana, is a friend of mine and a close LGBTQIA+ ally as well as a Racism + Mental Health advocate. 
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*** If you enjoyed this article on chakras, I highly recommend Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras: Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution written by the same author. This is the main resource I use for my own ongoing education.
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