Have you ever gone somewhere or done something that was absolutely brand new to you and yet you couldn’t shake the feeling that you’d been there or done that before? Or maybe you’ve felt a connection to a person or a place that felt so much deeper than the circumstances? Have you ever thought maybe those were connections to a past life?

Past life readings get a bad rap. But I’m not going to tell you that you’ve got karmic damage and I’m the only one who can heal you – for another $250. I’m not going to convince you that you need another 23 past life readings and 19 oracle card pulls, either. Mostly because you’re not broken, but also because I’m not dishonest like that. I do these readings because I love doing them. I learn about the world and human history with each reading and I just love it!

I feel the same way about my new offering, spirit whisper readings! Spirit whisper readings are a little different than a past life reading.

With a past life reading, you get stories of your past lives woven together to show you where and who you’ve been before. These stories help you see potential pivot points in your current existence – because history repeats. Spirit fills us in on your past, telling you what you’ve brought forward from a past life into this one, as well as providing messages on your present and future.

Past life readings are sacred work for me. I love doing them, but they are also exhausting. The energy required to communicate with Spirit means that I can only do so many at a time. At the moment, I have a waiting list of about 2-3 weeks to ensure that my energy levels aren’t fully drained and each client gets a full, focused reading.

Past life readings are currently $44, but as I continue to do more of them, the price will be increasing as well. They’ll stay at $44 until mid-year, then they’ll go up.

With spirit whisper readings, there is no past life reading. We simply focus on the present and future. You might ask a specific question you’re seeking guidance on, or you can get a general reading on what your highest self thinks you need most right now.

A spirit whisper reading is a channeled message from one or more spirit guides and/or animals that want to make themselves known to you. I’ll be able to give you key messages your spirit guide or team want you to know. This can be a great way to get the answers to a significant question or get general guidance on where things are going with your life.

Trying to decide which one you need right now?

Think of a past life reading as comprehensive insight into how all your incarnations have led to you being in this place, at this moment, and giving you guidance about what’s next. It’s like a book.

Think of a spirit whisper reading as being more like the blurb on the back cover of the book. It tells you what you need to know right now, but doesn’t dive incredibly deep or give everything away.

A spirit whisper reading may be what you’re looking for if you just want some “quick” insight, while a past life reading may be what you need if you’re wanting to dive all the way in and learn all that you can.

And if you’re still not sure, I’m happy to talk with you first and figure out what you need.

Past life readings are full PDF reports, including any healing exercises or additional words of wisdom provided by your spirit guides, delivered by email for $44 (at the time of this posting).

Spirit whisper readings will be delivered via email as finely tuned spirit whispers in an email body for $22 (at the time of this posting).

There’s one more thing! I can also do spirit team readings! This is an in-depth, high ticket reading. You’d get a spirit reading with specific messages from three spirit guides in your energetic field. Due to the specific ways to connect with each of them, these readings are higher priced.

Spirit Team Readings are similar to the spirit whisper readings. 

A Spirit Team Reading goes a little further, however. With Spirit Team Readings, I’ll connect with three guides in your energetic field. I’ll channel specific messages from your protectors to help you better navigate your present and future.

Spirit Team Readings differ from spirit whisper readings in that during a spirit whisper reading, I may only connect with one guide. In a Spirit Team Reading, I’ll connect with three. With specific ways to connect to each one, it takes a little longer but the information we’ll get can be deeper and more useful.

Spirit Team Readings are where I call in multiple guides, angels, and beings of love and light from your energetic field. I will connect with at least three different guides and deliver a report with potent messages from each guide. We all have a spirit team that wants to protect us and love on us. With Spirit Team Readings, you can tune into three separate helpful energies that offer different messages and symbols.

I am so excited to offer this to you! The information you’ll get from these readings can really help you understand where you are and where you’re going in the future.

Spirit Team Readings are $111 each and the report is delivered by email.


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