Hey everyone! I’m coming out of a mini hiatus, but I’ve got some stuff to say!

First of all, I’m sorry. I’ve been pretty lame about getting content out and that changes NOW. Two reasons:

1. I’ve shed my blocks that was keeping me from creating content
2. I like eating things other than ramen and I miss brand name toilet paper.

In the past few days I’ve channeled and co-created some divine changes with the way my Patreon page works.

If you know anything about me, you know accessibility is important to me. A month ago, I was launching a group program. Literally, a week after launching it didn’t feel right. I no longer felt aligned and when I asked myself why I realized it was the platform.

I was selling a high ticket group program, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t honor how important accessibility is to me. So, that’s why I’m changing things up on my Patreon Page.

I’m going to make these tiers “begin” on Monday May 21st 2018, so you have until then to review the tiers and make a choice once the structure is changed on Monday!

Ready? Sweet. I’m super stoked about these new tiers.

Check out more on what I have to offer on Patreon HERE. 

YOU FEEL ME? $5/mo

– Patreon only writing

– Read my personal journal entries (spiritual development, self-care, musings, etc.) + gratitude and desires lists


– Everything from above tier

– Weekly report – modality of my choice: this may be a weekly tarot reading, astrology report, channeled advice, or any other type of spiritual narrative that preps you for the upcoming week (released MONDAYS)


– Everything from above tiers

– Weekly channeled journaling prompts (these are my SPECIALTY! You’ll get 10+ prompts each week and a pretty downloadable .pdf)


– Everything from above tiers

– Bi-weekly spiritual training videos (10+ minutes) on topics such as breath work, crystals, herbology, tarot, etc.


– Everything from above tiers

– Monthly live ritual where we combine our energy to raise the consciousness of Earth

– Monthly pre-recorded meditation by yours truly


– Everything from above tiers

– One FREE session with me each month: Crystal Healing OR Tarot Reading – change it up each month!

– One FREE digital item from the store of my choice each month!



Check out more on what I have to offer on Patreon HERE. 

Okay, what do you think? Please use the comments below and let me know what you think of the new tiers! I’d love to hear any feedback. <3

I’ll be back Monday to make sure everyone was able to make their pledge choices, and we’ll get started!

Until then,