// Pay What You Can Services! **Three Slots Taken**//

Accessibility is so important to me. It’s what drove me to begin with digital spell guides before doing coaching. It’s been so freaking beautiful to see this gigantic wave of gratitude and sisterhood throughout the spiritual community as many people are offering “pay what you can” services for accessibility.

I’ve felt so blessed and grateful to work with amazing women with ease and flow because of their pay what you want offers. Protip: Increase the energy exchange and show gratitude by giving them a bomb ass review + promote their stuff.

It’s no surprise that I’m also doing a pay what you can services! I’m opening TEN pay what you want slots in FIVE different categories. You may purchase a slot in more than one category!

I’ll keep the list below edited in live time as invoices are paid and will edit as categories close.


Magic Breakthrough Call: (45 min, $99): 9 SLOTS AVAILABLE
Crystal Healing Session (30 min, $77): 10 SLOTS AVAILABLE
Intuitive Tarot Reading (30 min, $77): 8 SLOTS AVAILABLE
Sex Magic Workshop: (Pre-Recorded, $33): 10 SLOTS AVAILABLE
Abundance Spell Bundle: (.PDF, $33): 9 SLOTS AVAILABLE

PM me the amount you’d like to pay for which slot(s). Each slot must have an amount. There is absolutely no judgment in your spirit led payment amount. The whole reason I’m doing this is so I’m more accessible.

Whether your purchase a slot or not, show me some love by SHARING this post or TAGGING a friend!


Invoices must be paid within 24 hours to secure a spot

I’ll get you a scheduling link within 24 hours of payment

Let’s keep the energy exchange going! If you purchase one or more of these slots, I would appreciate a review.

Pay What You Can Services