Custom Healing Crystal




Looking for a healing crystal, but not sure what you’re looking for?

Leave a note with what you’re looking to heal or manifest, and I’ll send you a crystal of my choosing. I am a certified crystal healer, and will select the perfect crystal for you. In addition to simply selecting your crystal, I also perform a ritual for it to clear any residual energy and charge it with it’s highest purpose to help you in whichever area you are seeking to heal.

I purchase all crystals from a local small business less than a mile away from my home. I trust where these crystals come from, and always cleanse then charge them.

Please leave a NOTE when purchasing for what you would like a healing crystal for. I will get back to you with a few options and see if you have a preference. If you do NOT want to be contacted about potential crystals, please LET ME KNOW. Some people just want a professional to select one, and some people want to be involved during the process. Neither is wrong or right.

All Crystal sizes are MEDIUM: Crystals will be 2-4″

Upon request, I can also send different sized crystals.
SMALL: Crystals will be 1-2″
LARGE: Crystals will be 5-6″


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