Deluxe Custom Spell Jar



I created spells in a jar since 2012, and they are one of the most fulfilling gifts I create.

Spell Jars come with four herbs, six crystals, a chime candle, and instructions for herbs + crystal grid and how to use what is in the jar for creating your own spells. The jars are 16 oz. Each jar contains enough spell supplies for multiple spells.

Each jar is created as a ritual, and I infused everything with energy. My process is lush, positive, and co-created with source. You may find additional supplies in your jar depending on the ritual process and what I receive from Spirit. Your herbs, crystals, and candle will arrive already charged and ready to use, but feel free to use any preparation method you like.

These spell jars are unique, one of a kind gifts. As such, they are created in small batches. At times, herbs or crystals may be substituted in accordance with what is sourced and available ethically. I will make sure as many items in your spell jar as possible are found locally in nature, or grown in my own garden and hand harvested then dried. In each spell jar, there is an instruction booklet. Since these spell jars are hand crafted and made to order, you will know exactly what is in your spell jar and when items were sourced locally. All items are also energy infused as all spell jars are co-created in a ritual.

A custom spell jar is tailored specifically to your wants and needs. After you purchase, we’ll email back and forth about what you want to get out of your spell jar. Each jar will come with 6 crystals, 4 herbs, and a charged candle unless otherwise discussed via email during your customization.

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