Back in February, I did a live event on Instagram with Bonnielee Cuevas of Beautiful-lee Free all about magic and rituals for self love. Today, I thought I’d share a few of the rituals I shared during that event in case you missed it (or just forgot one you really liked!).


Rose Quartz is the most well-known crystal for love. It works for all kinds of love, including self love. You can meditate while holding some Rose Quartz. You can also wear it as jewelry or put it in your bra. Carry it in your purse, place it beside your bed, make an elixir with it or place a few in your bath.

While Rose Quartz is the most well-known crystal for love, there are others that are known for helping with self love.

Moss Agate is good for unconditional love, and what better kind of self love is there than unconditional? Jade is also an excellent crystal for promoting love of all kinds, including self love. Peridot also encourages all types of love and works well when paired with Rose Quartz.

Rhodochrosite is another crystal of unconditional love and also encourages self compassion. Sometimes a lack of compassion for ourselves is the real reason we’re struggling with self love, so Rhodochrosite can be very helpful.

Tiger’s Eye and Topaz are two more crystals that are ideal for self love. (If you choose to work with these two crystals, note that you cannot make an elixir with them as they can be harmful. Additionally, it’s a good idea to wash your hands after working with unpolished Tiger’s Eye.)

Essential oils

Essential oils can be incredible for self love. Their fragrance is incredible, but when combined with some coconut oil and rubbed over your body, you can really treat yourself to a loving experience.

Clary sage, rose and lavender are three excellent essential oils for self love. Diffuse them, or mix them with some coconut oil and give yourself a loving massage. Appreciate your body as you rub the oils in. Even if it doesn’t look or feel exactly the way you’d like it to look, your body is there for you day in and day out and deserves some appreciation.

Jasmine or orange oil is good for confidence. Ylang Ylang is excellent for improving self esteem, and so is sandalwood. Improving your confidence and self esteem is another way to show yourself some love, so rubbing yourself down with these oils can also work wonders.

Sex magic & self pleasure

I have a workshop on sex magic that you can purchase in the shop for a more in depth explanation. But the basic idea of sex magic is that you use your sexual energy to manifest, grow, heal, and cultivate joy in your life.

Sex magic can be done during foreplay, sex with a partner or during self pleasure.

And even if you don’t actively try sex magic, self pleasure itself can be an excellent way to increase self love. Learning your own body, what makes it feel good and what doesn’t, and becoming more comfortable with your body and all its flaws can help you learn to love yourself more deeply than you ever have before.

The best thing about all of these is that they don’t have to be done alone. You can combine any or all of these in any way you wish.

Workshop – Sex Magic