*This piece was originally published on The Local Lotus by Liz Stacy

Selenite is the key to unlocking the doorway between your everyday monotony and the spiritual world, in addition to fully opening all of your chakras, allowing you to feel aligned and immersed deep in your personal power

The Breakdown:

Spiritually: Selenite’s energy clears blockages and debris, allowing for a better flow of energy to your higher chakras, thus allowing connection and communication to your higher self.

Emotionally: Selenite is made up of calcium and sulfur. The stone itself stimulates the physical body and compels us to move forward with our lives. It singlehandedly helps with overcoming stagnation, preventing us from becoming overly wrapped-up in our own comforts and securities.

Physically: Selenite is able to quickly clear and build bridges in our energy field which can stimulate physical and emotional healing.

Affirmation: I move forward into connection with my higher self; now my inner senses are awakened.

Dig Deeper:

Selenite quickly and efficiently opens and activates our upper three chakras. For example, a Selenite wand can be used over the third eye- often when this is done, the person using the wand will feel a gust of wind-like energy surge through their third eye, and up out the top of their head.

The energy from Selenite is so strong that when a person holds a Selenite wand they can actually feel the stone absorbing their angst and negative emotions. Selenite is, hands down, the best stone for cleansing the aura field and clearing stagnant, congested energies as well as negativity from one’s physical and ethereal body.

It is highly recommended that healers, whether that be of the physical or metaphysical body, work with Selenite in order to clear any lingering energy absorbed while working with clients.

For those who work with other stones, Selenite is a must-have for our collections because it works with other stones and magnifies them as a group- their energies are magnified, amplified, and much more potent as a group.

If you have a Selenite wand, you can actually attach other stones to the wand using glue to make a powerhouse of crystal energy, and to magnify the intentions of the stones as a whole.

Working with Selenite can heighten the users awareness- allowing them to deepen their meditation practices, meet their spirit guides or connect to their guardian angels. When trying to gather advice from one’s inner self or intuition- Selenite is a magnificent stone to work with. It allows us to receive mini-movie like downloads to our mind’s eye.

Often when working with Selenite you will experience a feeling of “all-knowing” where you, without a doubt, trust your gut instinct. This is the Selenite helping you connect to your personal power. The experience can be subtle, or potent and in your face- either way, that nudge from your gut is a powerful tool.

To test this, try this technique:

All you need is two Selenite wands. Lay yourself flat, where you can get comfortable for a meditation state of mind. Place one of the Selenite wands on the center of your heart chakra, pointing towards your head, and place the other on the floor or on a pillow, where it is touching your head/ crown chakra.

Take 10-20 deep breathes and allow yourself to sink into a meditative state. As this is happening you are very likely to either receive movie-like downloads, or connect to your spirit guides or guardian angels. Again, this may be subtle, mini-movie like scenes, or may take the form of shapes and colors. Either way, pay attention to the messages and feelings that arise- they are most likely from your spirit team.

I personally use Selenite because I am a strong empath, and I immediately absorb whatever energy is strongest in the room. Keeping Selenite on my person allows me to dispel any negative energy that isn’t mine. I can hold the stone and allow it to suck the energy that doesn’t belong out from the tip of my fingers and into the stone. Doing this has helped with social anxiety, mood swings and overall nervousness that I once faced daily.

Just remember when using a stone this way, it is important to cleanse the stone often so it isn’t bogged down with other’s turmoil.

If Selenite speaks to you, and you feel as if this is a stone you should be working with, The Local Lotus shop has selenite wands for sale for $4 each. 

About The Local Lotus:

I use what the earth has provided to make products that are good for the skin & the soul. That nourish the outside and the inside. I am a magic maker. I choose each herb, each essential oil, with pure intention. Intention of good vibes and positive change. Imagine a world we all took care of ourselves. A place where self Love and self care is the social norm and radiating white light is common. That’s what I’m trying to create. A place where nature is medicine and the earth is appreciated for providing it. I am passionate about this magic, about this world I invision.. so allow me to share my passion with you. So that maybe we can change the world together. I am The Local Lotus.