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Embrace Your Inner Witch Group Program

If you’ve seen me around online, you’ve probably heard some of my meditations or saw me doing magic on livestreams. Magic, spellwork, and rituals are the foundation of my spirituality. 

What if

  • You weren’t afraid of magic?
  • You made up all your own spells?
  • You could own AND use your magic?
  • You had bonafide results from YOUR magic?
  • You felt secure about “being a witch?”

I created this program because I saw how many people felt lost. In a few Witch groups, I’d constantly see women craving to learn more about crystals, tarot, essential oils, and herbs. I had a friend say to me, “I’m scared. I don’t know what I’m getting into, and I’m afraid to do it wrong.” I strongly believe there is no WRONG way to do magic. I live by a few simples rules:

  • Do no harm
  • Mother Nature is my guide
  • Know how to protect myself as an empath
  • Intention is key

I know how scary magic can be, but I also know how fucking beautiful it can be. If you’re ready to STOP stalling and START learning how to do the damn thing, then this program is for you!

After 3 months in this group program, you will:

  • Be able to create spells intuitively
  • Feel powerful and seated in your magic
  • Own your abilities as a witch and healer
  • Know how to help heal yourself AND your clients
  • Understand how magic works
  • Understand how to use tools (like crystals, tarot, essential oils, and herbs) for magic
  • Feel a deep connection to the Earth and the World around you
  • Create REAL results from YOUR magic

What does this program include?

  • Access to a magical and healing group with other women going through this program that I personally facilitate
  • Pre-recorded videos EVERY WEEK
  • 3 Monthly Group Trainings – Topic Decided by Group Vote
  • FREE copies of my PAID digital Spell Bundles
  • Weekly journaling prompts
  • Weekly Study Guides & Workbooks
Month 1: CHAKRAS + YOUR ENERGETIC BODY (laying a foundation)
Week one: The Chakra System
Week two: Working with energy
Week three: How to clear your own chakras
Week four: Reflection and shadows
Week one: Observing nature and oneness
Week two: Elements as Energies: Elemental Profiles
Week three: Moon/Planetary Magic
Week four: Astrology
Week one: Your Unique Energy + Voice
Week two: Forms of poetry primer for spell writing
Week three: Write your own spells
Week four: Implementation + Trust Yourself

What’s the investment?

$333 if paid in full 





For payment plans, PLEASE email me > hello@victoriacrossman.com with subject line “EYIWPP”